Prison Radio
Raymond White

Prison abolition is a brilliant way to convert strategy to utilize methods that permanently break down the ineffectiveness of prison production that’s rampant throughout all the U. S., but mostly prisons are vastly constructed in California due to an excessive amount of crime rate committed within a top environmental center.

California, of course, enforces some of the most strict laws throughout more than any other state within the U. S., giving prisoners long term sentences for less harsh offenses for which incarceration throughout an extensive, extensive period of time becomes critical to our mental state. This is where the initiation cycle of dehumanization falls into primary factor, where prisoners are subjected to violent, unsanitary, inhumane settings.

These toxic settings are massively filtered by corruption and ineffective, ineffective towards, so rehabilitation. I believe as human beings we do need to be held accountable for our wrongdoings. But at the same time, prison is a massive downhill production. We need to find alternate solutions to properly address crime with fair and viable effective punishment that will make ex-prisoners positive contributors to society.

This will tremendously decrease the tax money spent on housing numerous prisoners at the same time increase the conditions of our economy. Mastering definitive strategy comes with implementing sole application as our first step ground to develop a significant platform that may be viable. We as prisoners have to believe as well to be willing to stand up for our balanced grounds and humane importance for ourselves, such as basic and title rights given to us as Americans for the needs of equality and fair treatment with the same course of opportunity as others without corrupt involved.

Prison abolition starts within inside structures. Dehumanization is our daily enemy within a billion dollar, uh, wasting battery system, and abuse is lawful authority to control you by power and dictation. Prison is not truly based on rehabilitation, more so to control and dictate us by racial bias and unfair treatment.

Our family outside are major contributors for reentering us back into society. Other supporters that follow become our congregational advocation, finding practical ways to apply strategy for prison abolition by running meetings for a solution by diverging adequately addressing terrorists for punishment.

We have to take a scornful act, scornful acts of dehumanizing others seriously and apply action using sensible ways to rebuild and restructure what has been broken for countless years.