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Joseph Brown

My name is Joseph Patrick Brown. I’m a Mississippi death row inmate, who was convicted in 1994, for capital murder of a store clerk, who was killed in 1992, by my live-in girlfriend, Rachel Walker. In 2020, the Mississippi Supreme Court denied my successive petition, nine-zero. And, I would like to talk about this for a minute because I’m not understanding, how so, when I tell you what I presented to the Mississippi State Supreme Court in a successive petition in 2017. So in 2020 Mississippi Supreme Court denied my petition nine-zero saying that my affidavits were hearsay and that hearsay is not allowed, that it has to be this person actually being there, in order for it to be a factual document. I have maintained my innocence for 31 years throughout the trial and the appeal process.
My first document was Kevin Nation who was a patrol officer in Natchez, Mississippi in 1992. He was partnered with Willie B. Jones, who was an officer investigating the crime in which I am convicted of. In Kevin Nation’s affidavit, he swore that one, the lead officer, Will Mitchell will come to the scene, crime scene and he will be drunk. And the reason why he will be drunk, because Will Mitchell is known to be a drunk. He says something like, ‘Robert Dawson, the second lead investigator, they call him Dog because he will sleep with anything.’ And, so he knows that Robert Dawson was sleeping with Rachel Walker at this time. He said during one patrol night that Willie B. Jones, the officer who purportedly received their murder weapon asked him, Kevin Nation, while they were on patrol, for him to file a false police report saying that his home was broken into. Sharon Grinnell, who was a best friend of Rachel Walker, she swore an affidavit that she and Rachel Walker on several occasions stole merchandise for Will Mitchell, Ed Easton, Charlie Sims and other officers of the Natchez Police Department and these officers would get Rachel out of jail whenever she got in trouble.

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