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Joseph Brown

My name is Joseph Patrice Brown. I’ve been on Mississippi death row for 31 years, wrongfully convicted and sentenced for the murder of Martha Day, a store clerk in August 8, 1992.

My live-in girlfriend Rachel Walker was the perpetrator of the crime: she admitted to it. And she was also the state’s eyewitness against me, who claimed that I murdered Ms.Day. Walter Nick Green is also a murder victim who was murdered on August 6 1992, and according to the investigations by Natchez police department, Adams County Sheriff Department, Adams County District Attorney, Rachel Walker is also involved in that crime as well. But nothing was ever done with Mr. Green’s case.

Okay, one need not look much further than the videotaped interview of Rachel Walker on August 11 1992, the same day we were arrested, and on August 14, 1992, to deduce that the Natchez Police Department inquiry into Martha Day’s murder began and ended with me as the, as the one and only suspect.

This conclusion was illogical given the facts. However, due to the lens of a personal relationship between Rachel Walker and officers: Liam Mitchell who lead the investigation, Robert Dawson, who was second lead investigator, and Willy B Jones who was the patrol officer who collected the murder weapon from the [inaudible].

Despite all the evidence pointing to Rachel Walker, Natchez police officers concluded early on that I was the perpetrator and that I alone would be prosecuted for this murder. August 14 ’92 the videotape interview of Rachel Walker, Lieutenant Mitchell told Rachel Walker, that leading up to our arrest, a mere three days after Ms.Day’s murder, “I knew who did it, I was just waiting to see if you would help us.” That’s exhibit 23 and 65. Exhibit 27, Lieutenant Mitchell acknowledges what is painfully obvious about my case: The gun that reportedly killed Ms. Day traced back to Rachel, the two dollar beer that came from the store cash register traced back to Rachel, and NPD officers concluded that I was responsible for Ms. Day’s murder from the very beginning.

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