Prison Radio
Desarae Bodnovich

My name is Desarae Bodnovich, number 110380.

Okay, on three separate occasions, I’ve witnessed officers, two male officers, punch women inmates and then tackle them to the ground. One’s name is [inaudible] and the other’s name is Ross,a nd neither one of them missed one day of work for it.

Another officer was Ms. Courtney. She was working in acute; that’s where they keep their mentally challenged patients, prisoner patients. And the prisoner hit the officer, and the officer hit the girl back with a round raider which is pretty much like a metal thing that they read with. She got no time off either.

There was an officer named officer Billingsley. He was bringing drugs into the facility. I happen to know because he brought me drugs into the facility. And when he got caught doing it, they did not fire him. They moved him to the other side of the facility, and he got caught doing it over there, so they took him off grounds and had him work in the control center.

I just recently got COVID because they locked me into a room with a girl. They found out she had COVID. We had just had our COVID testings. And they found out I was negative and she was positive, and they locked me in a room with her for seven hours. And when I talked to the officer about it, it was officer Boyd, she threatened to take me to SEG if I didn’t stay in the room with that lady. And the very next week, I had COVID, and I was deathly sick.

I’ve been refused a job by all the inspectors because it was almost four years ago when this officer was bringing drugs in and I ended up getting caught up in that. And I haven’t been able to get a job since then, and that was almost four years ago.

We started eating back in the chow hall recently, and the last four times I was kicked out within 10 minutes, which is like 10 minutes within walking in the chow hall, so I walk into the chow hall as I’m waiting in line. It takes three, four minutes to wait in line. Then you get your stuff off the line, and then you go sit down, so you’re probably like seven minutes before you get to the table. 10 minutes in, I got kicked out of the chow hall, so I had about four minutes to eat, and the officer told me if I wanted time to eat, I should buy my own food.

Hold on.

We were just today actually given five masks, and we were told that we were supposed to wash them and rewear them, but the package says to wear it once and throw it away, that it’s not going to do you any good if you wear it more than once.

Back when I was on the east side, I was in the phone line, and the officer said, “You guys might as well get out the phone line. No one gives a fuck about y’all. Nobody loves you guys.”

The people that are in seg and level four receive their food and it’ll sit there for an hour, an hour and a half, until the officers feel like doing it, like they have to go door to door and pass it out, so they’re back there eating cold food.

You get 10 minutes in the shower if you’re back in seg, and if you go over 10 minutes, Ms. Glazer, she’ll cut the water off on you. I’ve had her do it to me, and I’ve had shampoo or conditioner in my hair and have had to go back to the room and rinse it off.

This happened today. I was going to the bathroom, and I had my curtain up on my door. That’s the way that they know you’re using the restroom or changing your clothes. So the officer, I told her that I was using the restroom, and she opened the door and look at me and then walked away and left the door wide open. I’ve had officers look at me over the shower door while I’m butt-naked, and I’ve had some officers sit there and talk to me while I’m in the shower and just butt-naked, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

And today our sergeant was in the chow hall yelling about how we think that we’re slick getting on some radio station and telling on everything that they’re doing.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.