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Hi, this is Bobby Main. My number is 874670. I currently live at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, also known as the Death Prison.

This prison is not doing what they’re supposed to for my friend. They decided to move me away from her. They’re retaliating against me for getting on this podcast last week and talking about her. They’ve taken my healthcare detail that I need for my back–I cannot climb the stairs–in retaliation for helping her, and they continue to pull everybody away from her who was helping her.

They’re messing with her medical still. She’s still not getting the treatment she needs. The doctor is–he’s taken away her medication that she needs in her room that she has to take twice a day. Now, she has to go out in the heat–walking, can’t breathe, going up twice a day to Medline–and can’t go up there because it’s too hot for her and she’s in a lot of pain.

These people keep torturing her and taking away any little help she gets. I’m not the first person they’ve done this to, and I’m not going to be the last, but I’m not afraid of their retaliation. I’m not afraid of what they’re doing to me. I welcome it. Let them do what they want to do, because at the end of the day, I’m still going to go home, and I’m still going to help this girl. And I know they’re going to continue to retaliate me and try to move me to the other side of the prison, but I’ve already got grievances written on this retaliation because this is not acceptable. They cannot take my medical details because I’m helping this girl out.

This girl needs all the help she can get. It’s not fair what they’re doing to her. This girl is severely sick. She has not been able to breathe all day because it’s so hot. She hasn’t even gotten her medication. She didn’t even go to the chow hall today to eat because it’s too much. But healthcare is like, “Oh, well, you’re walking fine, you’re normal, everything is fine.” This is not fine. Her being treated the way she’s being treated cannot continue. Her getting the abuse and getting threatened by the doctors and all this stuff that these doctors are doing to her is not okay. It just cannot continue.

And them taking me away from her? They’re not stopping anything, because I’m gonna continue to help her and do what I can for her in here and when I go home. I have a parole, I’m waiting to go home right now. I’m still going to help this girl because she needs all the help she can get.

So anybody out there that is willing to help her, please come forward, because she needs help. This prison is killing her, and they don’t care. This cannot continue. This girl is going to lose her life if somebody doesn’t intervene. She’s written all the way up to the governor, Heidi Washington, the warden, outside people, all these people, and they’re still not helping her–directors of health care, this lady Marty Kay Sherry, which she is the Bureau of Health Care Services, she’s the administrator, she’s the top boss. She’s not even doing anything to help her.

This girl is sick, and she’s gonna die. Please, somebody intervene and help her, help my friend. Help me so that I can be able to help her. Because this girl needs someone to step up.

I can’t sleep because I’m so worried about her, because they’ve taken me away from her, and she needs a friend. She needs support. She needs love. She needs care. Because this place is not giving her that. This can no longer continue. It’s been going on for too long, I’ve known her for too long, and she’s been sick way too long. And there’s no reason that these people can sit here and continue to tell her, “There’s no mold in this facility. It’s not mold. We don’t believe it’s mold.” And she tested positive for mold three different times, three different tests.

This cannot continue. I don’t understand why this girl keeps being treated this way and everybody who’s helping her gets affected and gets retaliated against. It’s inhumane. There’s no reason that it needs to keep going on. It just–it doesn’t add up.

Somebody needs to answer to this, and everybody that’s involved needs to be prosecuted. They need–they keep telling her she needs mental health? No, they need mental health, they need treatment, because obviously they’re not in their right mind if they can’t see that something is clearly wrong with this girl and has been for years. This cannot continue.

This girl needs severe outside medical help. She keeps trying to go to her allergy specialist. They keep denying her allergy specialist because they don’t want her to go out.

She has documented that she could not live in mold, and yet, they’re still making her live in this mold. And she’s getting worse. The medicine isn’t helping, it’s making her heart race, it’s making her have chest pains and breathing issues and all kinds of stuff that shouldn’t even be going on. The doctor didn’t even look up any information to see if it would affect her having a heart condition, and it’s not okay.

This girl is sick and she continues to decline and deteriorate, and it cannot continue. So please, somebody, anybody, we’re tired and we need somebody to intervene. It doesn’t matter who, whoever you are out there, please step up. Find someone who can help her, because this place isn’t doing it. So we need other people out there in the world to step in and help her because I don’t want my friend to die. I don’t want to lose my friend in here. And that’s exactly what’s going on. So somebody please, please, please help her.

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