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Izell Robinson

I am Izell Robinson, Minnesota inmate number 210006, an innocent man confined within the quadrilaterals of systemic injustice, fighting to be heard and affect positive change. Yet to accomplish success, I need you, the listeners, to hear me and act—so I’m only asking if I can be heard and count on you to act.

As a prisoner, I do my best to preserve my humanity and sanity by making every effort to be informed and engaged in the social conversations of our time. To promote healthy [inaudible] ideas aligned with change, I want to provide perspective and meaning to show the true empathy and care that inmates like me possess but are often marginalized and limited in efforts of opportunity to show.

This is why it is important for me to show honor and appreciation for the recognition of Juneteenth as a national holiday—and also show the same for Pride Month, for I will be sharing two lyrical rap or poetic verses that will each serve to pay homage to either Juneteenth or Pride Month. I hope you find my work enjoyable and thanks for spending time to listen, because I make it a point to have something of value to share.

The first piece I’ll share is called “The Power of the People,” and this is in honor of Juneteenth, “The Power of the People.”

My mind and fist get hit in the throttle where my conscience

Accelerating at high speed towards the unconscious

Who’s falling police cuffs and the lonely cell stuck in the vault

We’re locked opportunity fails, unrefined and burnt by the ashes inside freedom fires

Flames flicker 1865, no statute for my liberty

Just liars shook by turbulence of a single musket shot for America to rewrite this X-outed history or not

Can’t turn the page, slaves stay trail of blood and tears soaked up

Seeping through to fill my veins with misery, now hopes up

And last free Juneteenth equal with no power

It ain’t time to cower

Change, this is the hour, standing like a tower on problems we devour

Baptized in the sun shower, future no longer sour

This is what life equal is, the power to people

More power, more people

More power, more people

This is what life equals

It’s the power of the people

More power, more people

More power, more people.

This is what life equals

It’s the power of the people

The power of the people

The power of the people

So that was in honor of Juneteenth. And the next piece I’ll do is a piece in honor of Pride Month. It’s called “Unapologetic.” We as a society must come together with respect and humanity in our interactions with others who we perceive as different by not judging or degrading what we haven’t sought to understand.


You learned about the HIV LGBT images on TV, what they said is an act was real

You not invisible, maybe not how you feel

Una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic

Pressured out of virginity, you never kept it

A beauty no one notices unless it’s in secret

You just trying to be you, and it ain’t so good

There we’ve been nailed, now you misunderstanding

Una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic

Other’s abomination. I only see human

A creature of God, of us hate won’t ruin

So whatever lesbian, gay, trans, or even bi

You just be you, you don’t have to live a lie.

Una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic

This is the real you, you’re no pretender

Whole family get over it, you’re a gender bender

Found family in your masculinity,

So after birth, you formed your identity

Now it’s less about the who and more about the why

We don’t understand so we much rather you hide

Because somehow your choice threatens who we are

But without acceptance, will we ever make it far?

Una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic, una-polo-getic

I pray that you [inaudible] value from my words that you can utilize to join others and I in the fight for healthy societal inclusion and change along with police and criminal justice reform. I believe the courage of many to take a stand will make a difference, so you and I must be brave in our pursuit to be heard and demand the change we are long overdue.

Once again, I can be emailed through the Jpay app or website, just insert “Minnesota” for state. And number 210006 for ID number, or you can mail me at Izell Robinson, number 210006, 7600-525th Street, Rush City, MN 55069. All positively supportive contact is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for listening, and thanks to Prison Radio for this much-needed platform of linking prisoners with their communities in a healthy way to foster needed dialogue and support. God bless.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.