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Joadanus Olivas

“The Prison Psychology Ponzi Scheme” by Joadanus Olivas.

A prison psychiatrist once asked me, “Do you think I believe all you inmates suffer mental health problems? He continues to state that he doesn’t believe 90% of us who claim to have major mental health problems, but this mental health delivery system in prison generates billions of dollars annually, and each time he diagnoses one of us or prescribes his medicines, this continues the monetary gain, and this ensures his needed work and him having a job.

The prison ponzi psychological plot is one of the best schemes ever. The value of a prisoner here in California doubles once he or she is diagnosed with a mental health illness and therefore placed in a mental health delivery system which is straight out of pocket to taxpayers. This simple statement on the prisoner’s behalf of, “I feel depressed or suicidal” is enough to be placed in a mental health delivery system and placed in a special unit within prisons and thus for increasing the annual monetary value of this particular prisoner. Us prisoners not only desired the extra benefits and gains of being placed in the mental health delivery system, but there is much more gain for the staff. Financially wise, so many of us are placing this mental health system against our own wills, for money, justified by the department psych doctors.

During the enslavement of Africans here in the Americas, many renowned European psychologists gave advice to slaveholders on how to run their plantation and how to break a slave. One renowned specialist was Willie Lynch. Many times in prison, when a prisoners refused parole, it is because of an unsatisfactory psych evaluation done by a special doctor who rates a prisoner’s threat to society dictated by his or her mental health score. Whether prisoners are in the mental health delivery system or not, a psych evaluation is done.

So therefore, who truly runs prisons? Is it CDCR, or is it the mental health delivery system? Rehabilitation is what the R stands for in CDCR, signifying hospital or health care and treatment. So maybe this isn’t a prison anymore? Or is it a hospital? Or is it both? Who knows? Aristotle once said two things could be true at one time. That’s for sure. The mental health system in prison here in Cali is expanding by the second, and it’s coming out of your pocket, taxpayers.

And oh yeah, I just beat a new case using my mental health diagnosis.

Thank you so much. Joadanus Olivas.

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