Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hey y’all, this is Comrade Pitt, Peter Kamal Mukuria, 1197165, currently here at Red Onion Prison, Virginia.

So upon my arrival here at Red Onion Prison, I was subject to retaliation such as being deprived of shower, outside recreation, meals, etcetera, and when you’re locked in a cell, there’s really not much you can do about being deprived of your shower, your outside recreation, and your meal, because it’s ultimately up to the guards as to whether or not, you know, they want you to get it or not.

However, oftentimes, such decision as to whether to deprive you of your outside recreation, shower, meal, that decision is made by supervisors and carried out by guards. Countless times, guards have told, “It’s not my call, I’m just doing what I’m told,” in hopes that their names won’t be included on a complaint form. And a lot of times when they do this, it’s an attempt to provoke someone to begin kicking on the doors in protest, which they will use as a pretext to conduct cell extractions, which always lead through to the prisoner being physically and brutally assaulted by several guards while he’s in restraints.

And this is precisely what occurred to a fellow comrade of mine who is actually housed right next to me, and his name is Otis Patterson. Um, recently we were outside recreation, and while we were [inaudible] outside for recreation locked in a dog case, Mr. Otis and another guard had exchanged words or whatever, what it was about, I do not know, and next thing I know is that I was still outside, door was still open, and I could hear Otis screaming “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!”

At first, I said, “Wait, did I hear someone scream ‘I can’t breathe’?” and somebody who was inside the building started describing to us everything that was happening, and at that point, I came back in the cell, and when I came back in the cell where I was brought back into the cell, I was saw Mr. Patterson.

He was placed on his knees, and when he was placed on his knees, Sergeant Madison decided to step on the chain on the shackles that were on Mr. Patterson’s ankles, and keep in mind he is still on his knees, so he stepped on his ankles and requested and asked Mr. Patterson to move forward a little bit or lean forward a little bit, and as he did so, Sergeant Madison here responded by pushing him forward in his cell, flat on his face, and he ended up breaking his nose. And he was deprived of medical assistance, he was deprived of everything, and he was never seen by any medical officials or nurses or anything about his broken nose, and his nose is still broken, and nobody has taken him to medical.

So this is something that I need people to also call the internal affairs and for them to also look into about the specific situation and the date that this situation occurred. Um, I believe that the situation occurred on, on the third of this month. So they may want to review the cameras and see precisely what happened. And they probably would need to investigate and it will probably have to be somebody who does not work at Red Onion.

So my call is ending, and I have to wrap up. I thank you so much for your time and please make these phone calls because these people are just completely out of control. Thank you so much. Bye.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.