Prison Radio
Bria Blackmon

Bria 976422.

This prison is not in good shape with mold all in the- in the showers. The units are leaking. The- the ceilings are leaking. We don’t have any air conditioning some units. Like they treat us bad. We- it takes us so long to even to get seen by healthcare. We live in a swamp. It’s horrible in here, like this is unlivable. It’s not it- we can’t- we need to get set free or something. Cause it’s not- it’s not good in here at all.

The guards are, some of them are okay, but then some of them, we have like very- horrible attitudes. They treat us like we’re beneath them, like we’re not human. They talk about us, talk about our clothes, our shoes. You know, they talk- they just- they just- they just bash us like we’re not prisoners, you know, like we’re not, we’re not- like we’re not human beings and it’s- it’s pathetic. And we got prison- we got guards in here that probably are the same age or younger than us that treat us like, you know, like they’re above us.

We still have bunkies. We’re not six feet apart. They haven’t done nothing but give us our vaccination shot every Friday- I mean, not shots, but, you know, our COVID testing every Friday, but no, they haven’t done anything. The scabies- we have scabies in here. There was a whole scabies outbreak. Bed bugs- there was a bedbug outbreak. It’s horrible.

And then it was this one situation where a male guard body-slammed a female guard and they didn’t do nothing about it cause the male guard is still here. It’s- it’s pitiful, sickening how they treat us in here. And we’re just as human as they are.

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