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Izell Robinson

I am Izell Robinson, Minnesota inmate number 210006. Today I wanted to do a original, authentic piece that I wrote, called “Sorry for the Disappointment and Shame.” It’s more of like a poetic, kind of hip hop, rap type piece. So, I definitely hope you enjoy it.

Too many nightmares at night.

Why do I dare dream for trauma to become true?

Gotta fight what I’m living through. 

Grew up in city streets, here the summer gets cruel.

Life becomes a game with no rules. 

Tragedy got me hot.

Angered a boy who …

I guess my mind, similar to soil. 

Cause like weeds, this where pain grew.

On the outset, where drama brew.

Concrete tears and bloodshed,

memorialize them flower beds.

Wishing I can take your place.

Hurt written on her face.

Young and innocent at play.

Memories don’t wash away.

Can’t wipe a clean slate.

Voice echoes become hate.

Death can be offensive.

The murderer on defensive.

And it’s not just this. 

Feeling there’s no justice, 

when you can’t reverse life.

Things just don’t seem right.

So we protest and the wronged

can’t stand alone, strong

trying to initiate peace,

help gun violence cease.

If you tally the lives lost,

This change pay off costs.

Now what’s living worth?

Ask the mama giving birth.

Saying you wish you could take my place. 

Hurt me so much, tears on your face.

And the echo in your voice vibrate your pain.

I’m sorry for the disappointment and shame.

Maybe one day we wake up and see things change.

I said I’m sorry for the disappointment and shame.

Maybe one day we wake up and see things change.

Once again, I pray that you took something of value from my words that you can utilize to join others and I in the fight for health, peace, societal inclusion, and change, along with police and criminal justice reform. I believe the courage of many to take a stand will make a difference, so you and I must be brave in our pursuit to be heard and demand a change. We are long overdue.

Once again, I can be emailed through the JPay app or website. Just insert “Minnesota” for state and number 210006 for ID. Or you can mail me directly at:

Izell W. Robinson, #210006

7600-525th Street

Rush City, Minnesota 55069

Remember, all positively supportive contact is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for listening and thanks to Prison Radio for this much needed platform, for linking prisoners with their families and communities and a healthy way to foster needed dialogue and support.

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