Prison Radio
Charles Karim Diggs

“The New World.”

My name is Charles Karim Diggs. I’m calling from Pennsylvania, from the new prison called Phoenix.

A European escaped from Europe because of oppression, tyrants, and religious persecution. They also suffered economic deprivation, whereas they could not rise out of poverty. Their position in Europe was a- was a destiny of poverty, prison, and early death.

They chose to migrate to the new world. The new world afforded them relief for millions of jobs, opportunity. They was even given land. Some were even given slaves. They were taught trades. No door was closed. With the- the one group that was denied human treatment or opportunity was the African slaves. Every form of growth and development was denied them.

And if they sought any education, learn how to read, they were tortured and murdered and beat severely. After 300 years with this type of torture, slavery was abolished to some degree.

Until the American people understand the effects of this legacy of insanity, we will not be able to stop the unjustified murder being inflicted by the police officers, we would not be able to deal with the black-on-black murder rates in the cities and our towns. As soon as we learned- understand the psychological effects of a history of violence, we will never be able to bring what we have in this country today is this massive murders and crimes against one another, against property.

The root of this goes all the way back, I believe, when slavery took place in this country, because violence was unchecked at that time, and it became a culture. In fact, the cause and solution is very simple in my view. It’s not very difficult. The question is, do we even care?

Thank you for reading my little essay and I hope we can have some dialogue on this year. Thank you very much.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.