Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

I call this the Philosopher’s Stone.

When you wake up in prison, you have to generate positivity. At the sunbreak of dawn, you have to be ahead of the day by already having a sensible mind-state. You have got to become a master of your mind-state. You put yourself in a position of choice; it is up to you to choose the positive over the negative. You decide how you feel. We are emotional beings, so we are constantly in our emotions, consciously or subconsciously.m

There’s this great book titled As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. This is the first book you should study while incarcerated, facing a long term and possible isolation, between three hours or more daily. In this cell, you’re alone and left with your mind. I begin each day before the sun even rises and change my mindset. I remove everything that happened before.

Today, out of my soul, I remove all evils in my heart, all violence and hate for the system. I removed it, and I creatively visualize the opposite reality, freedom. I could even fly in these best moments of mindfulness. I have superpowers all of a sudden, when I remove myself from confinement at 4 am in the morning. I drink hot water, imagining it’s nectar purifying my being. I do this breathing exercise impromptu imagining I’m inhaling heaven. Each breath heals my wounds. My head has a crown on top of it. It’s pure electricity twirling as the Earth does.

And now, I attract all riches, beauty, and Nirvana. I guess that [inaudible] theory thing truly exists because I move my blood in electrical currents to all the power systems along my spine. As I stretch and breathe, I even imagine I’m smoking marijuana, and now my face is flushed. After several rounds, I go back to my hot cup of water, drinking my pure therapeutic elixir, and I swear I have found the Philosopher’s Stone.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.