Prison Radio
Steven Nicholson

This is Steven Nicholson. I’m at Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, MI. And this poem is called “The Two Poem Poem.” At the end of each line, the word is pre-created with the rest of the words at the end of every line to make a second poem. So I’m going to say the end word twice, and that’s the end word of each line, for your information. Here we go.

Call us gunslingers hired by the gun man.

Gun man, bro, this game’s no longer fun, man. Let me go.

Go. No, cried the oppressive man. Full throat notes. Threat posed to eardrums like blam.

Blam, but damn, this oppression through aggression is overstepping and perverted.

Perverted. While the kingdoms inverted by earthlings with mechanisms to misuse things societal.

Societal. Get the riot gear they ride and cause they violent. At least that’s their scan.

Scan. Conspiracy theorists are the antagonists. This conspiracy’s infectious.

Infectious. Precious comfort seated by dry bones and catacombs condoned the tempestuous.

Tempestuous storms trumped by nuclear options that ain’t stopping nothing baseless faces.

Faces. ‘Round the basis, the foundation’s basis in need of renovation, swim the current.

Current, cause Rome is burning. It’s time for turning. Approve your tense. Amend events.

Events. See societal circumstantial difference defer to this, love not hate. That’s current.

Current. Simple change from mind frames, love God and love people, take it back to basics.

Basics. Cassius Clay this, float and sting like butterflies and bees beause we must obstruct.

Obstruct. This construct of structure of life as we know it can’t take this idea of racists.

Racists. Communal Lex Luther gave no tribunals. Seed and impuned is brutal on one community.

Community. Immunity granted for an ethnicity that planted the inner city made the voice one.

One. With one choice, we won. When sanity is restored for all of humanity.

Humanity. Challenging. Yeah. It wasn’t planned to me. Thanks Adam and Eve. That’s a hashtag.

Hashtag. It’s so crazy to me. Earth has no aliens or relatives. Disagree? You are an ethnicist.

Ethnicist. Making up words cause I can, but I’m just a man. Fantastic, I’m not.

Not. I just exposed the plot and trot off into the sunset. Hot, I’m not. You’re not a racist.

Racist. My dad got fat cake, fat kids. He take that, take this. He gave a born ultimatum.

Ultimatum. The world hate him, but yes sir. Yes, she was bringing jubilation with his overtaking.

Overtaking. So leave stagnation at the bus station. Eternal earth has no room for hating.

Haiting. Gunmen go blam. Perverted societal scam. Infectious, tempestuous basis. Current events, current basics. Obstruct racists. Community, one humanity. Hashtag ethnicist not racist. Ultimatum, overtaking hating.

And that’s all folks.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.