Prison Radio
Dennis “Solo” McKeithan

This is Dennis “Solo” McKeithan, calling from SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania, and I’d like to give a updated report on what’s happening with my struggle.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who have contacted me and the Philadelphia District Attorney, from all over the country and from other countries as well, in support of my struggle to gain my freedom from this wrongful conviction, from this gross miscarriage of justice. As many of you know, for four decades, I have been imprisoned for a crime of robbery I did not commit, a crime that was void of any physical injury to anyone – not a scratch. I was falsely arrested and wrongfully convicted, and excessively sentenced to a death penalty in numbers: 110 years for one robbery.

You might ask, how could that be happening? And the answer would be a corrupt police department; the infamous 39th and 35th District in Philadelphia, PA; a corrupt police officer, John Fleming; a corrupt and criminal ex-police officer, Marvin Nelson; an Assistant District Attorney, Randolph Williams, with a serious conflict of interest [inaudible] from the court and the defense that motivated him to knowingly encourage, and present false and perjured testimony, to mislead the jury and to convict an innocent man; and a known racist judge, James D. McCrudden, who abused his discretion and exhibited overt judicial prejudice throughout by leading and rehabilitating the prosecutional witness.

Our struggle, as described in the Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2020, is to get in court to present newly-discovered evidence, recanted testimony of witness that had been coerced to give false testimony and evidence that I was intentionally misclassified as a career criminal, for which I was actually innocent of being. One judge, Susan L. Schulman, has obstructed my access to present evidence, to the point of even lying in her statements to the court. She stated to the court that Mr. McKeithan is in prison for the brutal robbery of Sweet Love Lounge. Judge Schulman ignored evidence that the District Attorney knowingly put on a witness named Carl Cooper, who falsely testified that he was an ex-police officer who retired due to service-related injury. The judge and District Attorney parroted this lie to the jury. We now know Carl Cooper has never been a police officer anywhere in the world. He was a professional witness, a police groupie, who gave the same testimony in other cases. All of this has been kept out of the court by Judge Susan L. Schulman.

Your support, and the support of all the listeners, meant a lot to me and to my legal team, you know. And I hope that the support continues because the fight is still going on. Right now, we are asking the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to hear our appeal, and if that happens, maybe justice will come. If not, the fight continues to the federal courts, all the way up. So, once again, I wanted to give you a update on what was happening and to say thank you at the same time. I’m out.

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