Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

“Your Taxpayer Dollars” by Joadanus Olivas.

Your taxpayer dollars is the manifestation before my eyes: its the correctional officer’s tattoos that are fresh and still healing, Blue Lives Matter flag on his left forearm, the same forearm that chokes this other prisoner’s throat. $100,000 of your taxpayer dollars is won in a settlement this person for excessive force, the same amount that us prisoners are worth located in this prison psychiatric inpatient program.

Your money was wasted again because I’m [inaudible] the system claiming I’m suicidal and depressed. Your money was just wasted again when this officer falsified his injuries and now he’s on paid leave vacation. I smell your taxpayer dollars burning away in my ventilation system.

That marijuana brought in by a worker that your taxpayer dollars is paid to in a monthly checks? I won’t lie like Bill Clinton and say that I didn’t inhale your taxpayer dollars or say me and this woman did not have sexual relations in the utility closet.

I don’t understand why you still can’t grasp this Ponzi scheme. I mean, your taxpayer dollars is utilized more to house me in here than it would cost to send me to a university. I always waste your taxpayer dollars. I get to use more water in here than you do at home. I won’t get fined for running my sink water all night.

I always [inaudible] oh, look, another CO slipped and faked his injuries. He high fived me before he took his vacation and supplied me with a little dope and a cell phone. Would you blame me? Shit, everybody else is taking your taxpaying dollars. Your dollars put me in this place when I was just 16 years old tried as an adult for non-homicide? Yes, your dollars paid for my life sentence.

Soon I will take more of your dollars as soon as I file this federal lawsuit on the officers that your dollars hired. No, they won’t be fired. They will just settle out in court and be moved to the mailroom for some miscellaneous post with better benefits to milk more of your taxpayer dollars. Thank you. You’re so generous with your taxpayer dollars.

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