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Krystal Clark is fighting for her life inside Women’s Huron Valley Prison in Michigan. We get calls from her weekly detailing the inadequate medical treatment. Listen to her latest commentary. Doctors are downplaying the seriousness of her condition.
In the past two weeks, we have received email updates from her through JPay that describe heartbreaking experiences of being ignored, gaslit, and denied help by the healthcare team inside her prison.
Krystal says:
“Every day I’m in so much pain, I can barely open my eyes because of the consistent headaches and the pinching and throbbing in my head. I don’t know how they can treat someone like this… How could you go to sleep at night, after sitting here watching me suffer and not doing one thing about it? Knowing you’ve taken an oath to save lives and instead steadily taking lives. Every day is like Groundhog’s Day for me, feelings of torture and neglect, struggling to make it to the next day”
On 11/27, her doctor, instead of helping her when she went in to see him, denied her access to her critical medications.
We get regular reports from women at WHV who share their suffering from the lack of heat and hot water. It’s freezing in Michigan. These conditions are unacceptable and hazardous for the prisoners and the guards inside.
You can only hear these voices through Prison Radio: we are the only avenue Krystal and so many others have to share their stories and their truths with you.
We can show up for Krystal. She deserves to be treated with care and dignity, listened to, and supported in her attempts to access necessary health care. Demand that she be given access to medical treatment for her mold allergy. WHV must address its black mold infestation and provide heat and water to its inmates. Clean it up and shut it down!
Heidi E. Washington, Director of Michigan Department of Corrections 517-335-1426
Jeremy Bush, Deputy Director MDOC 517-335-1418
Marti Kay Sherry, Administrator, Bureau of Healthcare Services
When you reach out and make sure Krystal knows she’s not alone, it makes a huge difference. Your action is so important. You can reach out to Krystal directly through JPay or Mail:
Krystal Denise Clark#435064Women’s Huron Valley CF3201 Bemis RoadYpsilanti, MI 48197-0911
Leo Dugan