Prison Radio
Cecil Brookins

I’m here serving for life, Cecil Brookins. Prisoner number 385514. I’m in prison at SCI Greene, Pennsylvania. If you listen to my other Prison Radio broadcasts and my plan to invest $1.5 trillion to help 7.8 billion people that participate to help us change and save the world you’ve been wondering who I am, if we can do it, will our infinity plan work, am I telling the truth, and why do I say the evidence prove I’m a factually, actually, innocent, lawfully convicted political prisoner.

I’m obsessed with keeping my word, telling the truth and proving it with evidence, documenting everything, putting it on display for the world to see.

In 1996, I started reporting Ghafoor, Talib at number 5 police station in Pittsburgh for corruption. Records shows the same cop kept repeatedly falsely arresting me and charging me. When they wrongfully convicted me and sentenced me to go to state prison in about June, 2000, when I produced evidence of widespread government corruption, they told me to pack and go home.

I’m relieved, I don’t have to go to prison. So about two years later on February 20, 2002, the corrupt cop came to kill me and shot me 16 times and in all four sides of my body. About 30 corrupt cops filed police reports and committed perjury, swearing, one cop only shot me five times in front of my body. You know that it’s a coverup when no one ever seen one of hundreds of pictures or 10 videos of the shooting and hundreds of pieces of crime scene, trial, news, evidence, shopping bags of dope over ten guns and forty bullets, bullet holes that were allegedly used at my trial to convict me.

Look up Cecil Brookins, case number 200205563 and case number 200205564. Trial date was April 9th – 23rd, 2003. The crime date was February the 20th, 2002. It’s a high profile police shooting case in national and local news and newspapers for two years. I’m a black man reporting corruption with three cops from my case: Ghafoor, Holland and Harper. For are now convicted felons for national prostitution rings, fraud and embezzlement. Look up Poplowski, P O P L O W S K I and Shek, S H E K. They were involved in a police shooting and, and a hostage shooting. You will find their videos, pictures, or evidence, pictures of their house, blood, casings, all over the newspapers, news, and on the internet, I guess, you know why you can’t find one piece of evidence, one picture, one,anything from my taste, all you have to do is ask any scholar, journalists, judge, investigator why you can find one piece of evidence in my case.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.