Prison Radio
Cecil Brookins

I’m your server for life. My name is Cecil Brookins, prisoner number EX5514. I’m in prison at SCI Greene, Pennsylvania. Evidence proves I’m-I’m a factually, actually innocent wrongfully convicted political prisoner. With all love, glory, praise, and thanks for our creator and for making all of you and creation. I love you all more than life itself. Without you I cease to exist. As do we all. I and we invoke our creator to hold us instantly amendable in this life and the next for our actions and in-actions causing dire and catastrophic world conditions and suffering. Unless we do the right thing to correct it.

In honor and spirit of our martyrs [inaudible], greatest leaders of all time. Still motivating movements for one hundred years later, our alumni, former and wrongfully convicted prisoners: Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, dr. Martin Luther King. Our world human union of women, men, youth, and child prisoners want you to know we stand with you and through your pain. 

With love, we must invoke you to occupy, live and stay alive with social [inaudible], stay home and quarantine mandate. We can’t live with dying, or loved ones dying because we went outside, got infected, expected your loved ones and they die. Because — more than ever, we have to be conscious and mindful with a heightened sense of common ground, situation awareness, sympathy, empathy, love, unity, and phila-philanthropy. Prisoners, family, prisoners and families have endured similar conditions for decades.

We know what it’s like: isolated, alienated, social distancing. Locked in tiny concrete cages: can’t come and go freely, eat good food, watch thousands of global channels and movies, see family, be intimate with a mate, play with and comfort our children, look at the moon, stars and planets, use hand sanitizers, drink beer or wine, smoke marijuana, run treadmills, ride bikes, or jump rope.

We’re force-fed cancers, contagions, flus, and Corona virus with no tests or medical treatment. We and family members get sick and die with no family members to visit or comfort us, or them in the hospital on our death-bed, in our or their last moments of life. Unable to see our bodies or attend each other’s funerals or bury. 

Especially from violence-from violence we’re [inaudible] by guards, inmates, soldiers, cops, and et cetera, and saying, missing and dying alone on TV, in our streets, cars, trucks, homes, waterways, seeking help, walking, running, migration, human sex and sex trafficking, rape, storms, poverty, cages, prisons, and et cetera. No one cared, listened and helped us. We share our solutions that help, so god forbid you share our pain. 

We won’t wish on or share this with our worst enemy. Your misery doesn’t like or need any company. Think about us when you want to walk out that door and endanger everybody’s lives for nothing. Contact K through 12 academic/academy youth organizations worldwide and play the song: We Are the World and listen to the words. The song wake up everybody and stay home please.

We could use somebody—that’s the song. Like you, superheroes—that’s the song—in our hall of fame. That’s the song. We must make this [inaudible] to fulfill the impossible dream [inaudible] for medical workers, an end of medical discrimination. No one should have reduced the power to decide who lives or dies. We know better for racism and poverty was used leaving us untreated and left to die. See Medicare for all debate and medical statistics.

Corona-virus created an opportunity for the world to be connected in our global stay-home school, to learn that all lives, education, humanity, and actions are very precious and necessary. In order to sustain and advance all essential, life-sustaining, human, natural and man-made resource. So this emergency hiatus, this absence of human and social connectivity will make our hearts go forth and teach us. We won’t have life, love, health, peace, prosperity, progress and et cetera, unless we share it with everybody. 

Now we’re going through some major crisis and the corona-virus isn’t the only one, we have climate change. We have water shortages. We have pollution, plastic. We have toxic waste, but God blessed us with some women and children in the plan, that could help us get our act together and solve the world’s problems. And in order for us to be able to help you, everybody has to help their selves. And when everybody helps their-selves, everybody is helped.

The world is in some serious conditions, we’re getting ready to go into recession and depression. We need to be able to unite and take care of our old people, women, children, and those medical providers that we desperately need—now and forever—to take care of us whenever we go through these seasonal, Corona-viruses and contagion episodes. I love you all very much. 

Our next little episode, we’ll explain how we can force the people in power and the government to do exactly what we say and guarantee that they do. I’m looking forward to leaving you a message, I’m looking forward for the youth [inaudible] come together, be responsible and take care of the old women and children.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.