Prison Radio
Cecil Brookins

Hello. I’m here serving for life. Cecil Brookins, prison number EX5514, enslaved at SCI Greene, Pennsylvania. Numerous factual evidence proves I’m a factually actually innocent wrongfully convicted political prisoner. With all of the world’s problems that we’re having right now, and they say that we’ll be going into a depression, if this continues on for the next two, three months. This is the greatest day in human existence, conscience, equality, equity, history, and progress, where we can assist our world sisterhoods controlling majority. Sisters united with over four billion strong, beautiful, unconditionally loving, highly intelligent, and active sisters of all ages. God’s gifted hands, they carry, birth, nurture and rock babies and civilization, s ince the beginning of time to eternity.

To fulfill their purpose in life, they mature faster, they have more college degrees and businesses, and take care of and help more people than anybody. This tag team of women and kids enlisted me to volunteer, to help them devise a social, economical, and political infinity plan. It creates our global website and entities with valuations, assets, cash, and financial instruments. It’s worth over one and a half trillion dollars.

These entities will be owned and ran by the women, kids, youth, students, elderly, and poor full time participants. And all the money will be invested in them and solving all the manmade problems: helping people and to clean up environment. And that’s what a manmade crisis and disaster. Building in a new world, with a great economy, environment and society.

Just the four billion sisters, on their own website, will generate over $1.5 trillion in valuations, assets, tasks, and financial instruments. The problems they will solve is priceless. It is exactly what the world needs right now. They hope bring the world’s ecomony out of this global recession and depression.

With contingencies, and infinity plans and strategic stockpile, they create or save lives, economy, and prevent everything we are living through today from happening in the future. The medical profession for women and children are taking the brunt force of previously containable pandemic. So why you all are in the front lines of this crisis? Volunteer to help start this sisterhood campaign to change the world.

We thank God for all of you, and look forward to working together for a better future.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.