Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

The boycott at Center City Philadelphia’s fashionable Bijou Café continues. Mumia’s Abu-Jamal was there.

For the second time this week, nearly 100 protesters and supporters of the United Black Concert Promoters of America joined air personality George Woods and state representatives Milton Street and Dave Richardson for another night of a boycott of Center City’s Bijou Café. The reason? Black promoters say they’re treated unfairly when they attempt to promote big name talent, either Black or white. George Woods is the president of the group. The tall slim broadcaster addressed those assembled thusly Tuesday night.

Brothers, and sisters, and friends, and even some of our enemies who are listening alongside you. We are here for a moral issue tonight. We tried to meet with these men. Three weeks ago we told them it was serious, that we were not playing, and they laughed at us.

An obviously nervous Woods kept glancing towards the corner, apparently awaiting the coming of police in response to the Bijou’s call for a restraining order against the protests. Tonight, Representative Richardson warned Bijou officials and factory personnel to expect a bigger and bolder boycott for the upcoming performance of a disco group known as Chic. So the controversy clearly continues. This is Mumia Abu-Jamal.