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Eddie Treadwell

Mr. Eddie Treadwell calling again. I’m from Kinross Correctional Facility here in Michigan prison.

And we just had implemented a program of nonviolence, a day of peace, a day of healing on the 22nd of each month. It’s called Code 22. Code 22 symbolizes peace, no violence for this one particular day of each month on the 22nd. And we have a proclamation that’s been accepted and followed by at least 13 other cities here in Michigan, and we trying to get it worldwide, at least throughout the United States in every city, every state, a day of peace, a day of healing which is necessary and is needed to try to save lives and stop violence, stop crime, you know what I’m saying, we’re reflecting upon something good, something wonderful that allow us to be our best selves and live in harmony with one another.

And the proclamation is say no violence day, each 22nd day, a day for peace and healing, whereas each 22nd day of the month is officially proclaimed citywide on a day of peace and healing in Detroit. Each citizen is asked to honor the 22nd by promoting peace in their circle of influence, and whereas each 22nd day since October 2010, the UCOA has focused on those who have been victims of violence. Each month, families are invited to gather at an event that helps citizens turn their pain into power through practicing forgiveness and the discipline of making positive change, and whereas the United Communities of America is a community organization focused on the reduction of crime through the promotion of peace, healing, and positive change led by its founder, Miss Pastor Davis, and “Thou shalt not kill” message is on the forefront of the national movement to present God’s word over violence, and whereas honoring the 22nd day means the elimination of all negative emotions and potentially allowing peace to flow through each individual for one day, those engaged in violence are asked to stop and honor the code for at least that one day, was the goal of no violence across America. Now, therefore, I, Mike Duggan, Mayor of the city of Detroit, do hereby proclaim the 22nd of each month a day of “Thou shalt not kill,” a day for peace and rest.

This is the proclamation that has been implemented in Detroit as well as 13 other cities in Michigan, and we tried to get to spread it and try to get some get it spreaded, trying to get some publicity, we trying to get it known in practice by as many people as possible to try to help facilitate peace and positive thinking within our communities and hope this will prevent crime and we have a better life for ourselves and our upcoming children, you know, a journey with a tohusand miles begins with the first step. I think the first step is to get the minds geared towards creating peace within themselves and others.

So with that, I leave you again Mr. Eddie Treadwell, Kinross Correctional Facility here in Michigan, and Kinross have allowed us to practice this class. The first day of this class will be started on the 7th for next month, on a Tuesday, so have a great day, and until next time. Mr. Eddie Treadwell, I’m out.

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