Prison Radio
Eddie Treadwell

Hello, this is Mr. Eddie Treadwell at Kinross Correctional Facility in Michigan. I’ve been incarcerated now for 32 years in prison and just submitted a commutation to the governor trying to get out of prison.

I’ve been engaged in various different creative positive activities, trying to show my relevance and importance, you know, to this community and the brothers and sisters in whom I come in contact in prison. You know, my reach is- I reach far out into society with my words, trying to help elevate and educate and motivate people to try to be better individuals, a asset to the community, uplifting fallen humanity, because humanity has fallen from a state in which they can raise themselves up to be all that they can be, right? Instead, we just aimlessly wander through life without any real purpose or direction. So we have to find a sense of purpose to give you a meaningful living, right?

And what I have found due to my incarceration, I have been forced to find a purpose and a reason for living. What’s motivates me every day. It helps me get up in the morning, you know, not being miserable, agitated, frustrated, but I get up with a pain to do something, to try to be of benefit to help others, you know, elevate their minds and teachings, you know, through my philosophies and experiences in life, you know, how to be a better individual, how to communicate and socialize, create, reconnect with your family if you have a family.

I lost every family member that I had just due to my incarceration, and now the individuals of whom I come in contact with, I consider as my family. The love I would love to show to my family that I can’t show due to they passing, I show to the individuals that whom I come in contact with everyday, the love and concern the compassion that humans deserve, as intellectuals and individuals who can reason and rationalize and all these various different faculties that we possess that distinguishes us from animals, should provide us with the necessary tools and equipment to help further the race, further the humanity as opposed to destroying humanity, opposed to abusing women, right?

That’s another topic that’s worthy of discussion. You know, men, should stop putting they hands on women. Man should never strike a woman. Man should never abuse a woman. Men should love and cherish women for who they are. And if they not ideal, maybe due to some defective mental capacity or what not, teach. We supposed to teach the women. Women are reflections of a man, you know, so teach the woman, you know what I’m saying, try to encourage the woman, motivate the woman. Don’t put your hands, you know, we don’t need no abuse. We don’t need women to be abused. We done already took so much abuse throughout our lives and our history.

You know, it’s time to give love. They say love is the only savior of the world. So we have to get rid of the hate and start demonstrating some love and some care and concern. Teach the children, you know, teach them the beauty that they possess. Give them a sense of pride, sense of dignity, you know. Make them laugh, you know I’m saying. Like life should be joyful at a time of youth, you know, where they can absorb the information and knowledge in they surroundings, you know, to help cultivate them to be more mature individuals, develop the image of more mature individual and don’t allow any evil habit to take strength with they ears.

So I just want to end with that note. Do not abuse women. Be all you can be and make your life have relevance and importance to somebody other than yourself. Have a great day, and until next time, Mr. Eddie Treadwell at Kinross Correctional Facility. Have a great day.

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