Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

His name was Abdul Majid (nee Anthony LaBorde), and in his youth, he soldiered for the Black Panther Party in New York.

When he was arrested in 1982, he was beaten badly, and charged in the April 1981 shooting of a cop.

He and his colleague, Black Panther Bashir Hamid, were tried 3 times before a conviction was returned. They were known as “The Queens Two”; Black revolutionary political prisoners of the State.

Although it took 3 juries to return guilty verdicts, the men continued to struggle against their imprisonment. That final jury, by the way, was obtained by the exclusion of Black jurors from the panel.

In political cases such as these, such violations didn’t really matter.

Abdul Majid was known during his radical youth as a skillful organizer for the Ocean Hills-Brownsville Tenants Association, in Brooklyn, New York.

He was an organizer for the people’s needs.

Abdul Majid, after 34+ years in a prison cell, has returned to his fathers.