Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

“Big Man Howard.”

His name was Elbert Howard, but few people called him that. Through his friends and comrades in the Black Panther Party, he was Big Man, because he really was a big man, built like a football player. He was one of six men who originally joined and built the Black Panther Party—and he rose to his deputy minister of information, and for a time, he he edited the Black Panther newspaper.

He was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but after he was discharged from the Air Force, he stayed in California. His impressive size and build, plus an impressive afro, made him a photogenic figure of a Panther. But he was in fact a soft-spoken man, albeit matter of factly.

When most of the party co-founders were in prison or on trial, Big Man would step into the gap and tell the party story. He was abled, talented editor and writer and, when necessary, speaker. Elbert “Big Man” Howard returned to his ancestors recently after 80 years of life. Elbert “Big Man” Howard, deputy minister of information of the Black Panther Party. All power to the people.

From imprisoned nation, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.