Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

California eugenics.

Many of the prescribed drugs from behalf of the mental health delivery systems psychiatrists here in prison in California side effects are ones that target your reproductive system which vary from being sterile and/or having erectile dysfunction. Some names such as Zyprexa increases estrogen in males causing them to grow breasts. 90% of the available meds for those in the mental health delivery system are those that can cause reproductive harm.

Some of us are put on meds involuntarily through the court system, court ordered medication, which is prompted psychiatrists. If you exhibit any behavior of not being submissive, he or she will file paperwork which prompts the hearing for court ordered involuntary medication. A correctional officer could explain to the psychiatrist his or her perspective of your behavior, inspiring the psychiatrist to put you on meds or manipulating the doctor to put you on meds or recommending the psychiatrists to. The officers are the enforcers ultimately because if you refuse this medication, they are the ones who physically subdue you so the the nurse can shoot you up with the medication. This works similar to the tranquilizers.

These correctional officers in their hierarchy ultimately are the henchmen. They have much say so over the mental health delivery system here in prison even though they are not certified psychologists or experts in mental health. So therefore the whole prison mental health system is tainted. Even those mental health staff who have the right intentions or are good people and do good can be professionals who are oftentimes manipulated, forced, or removed for being able to be good, and most are often corrupted by the majority rule bureaucracy.

CDCR wants to show at the end of the day, if prison mental health delivery systems could truly function on its own over those prisoners in the system of mental health authentically dealing with mental health issues, these prisoners would be treated as patients versus animals. Psychology, as I say, originates from the Greek word for the study of the soul which is spiritual ethics, but the example here that is shown in prison is everything but spiritually ethical. Maybe it is the study of the soul only to be placed in purgatory, and the overseers are the correctional officers.

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