Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

When we think of politicians, we too often see them as great, even mighty figures, seemingly larger than life.
That’s because of how the media projects them -and far too often, protects them.
But in times like these, times of plague, crises, massive failures of institutions, and yes, of death, we begin to see them differently.

For some, the spell is broken.
We see them as they are, flawed beings, driven by ambition and hungers for power.

It ain’t a pretty picture.

U.S. President Trump’s recent so-called order (it sounds like more of a threat) to re-open schools has fallen like a lead balloon.
It’s like ordering parents to send their children into a burning building—with no masks!

And although the coronavirus is invisible, it is burning, bringing the nation to its knees with its effect of bone-wracking sickness – and tens of thousand of deaths.
For these aren’t the children of the wealthy; they’re the children of the poor and working classes – the children of the common people.

And does anyone believe this dude cares about them?

Children—these children—are little more than rhesus monkeys being used in a grand experiment, and they are just as expendable.

For this is about politics—the politics of illusion, to show control—when nothing could be more out of control.

These children are extras in a campaign commercial, to support the reelection of a politician who couldn’t care less.