Prison Radio
Auroniece Jackson

Okay. My name is Aroniece Jackson. My inmate number is 863752.

I’m calling you pertaining to the things that’s going on in the prison. It’s overcrowded. Officers are corrupted. Mold in every unit. It’s unbearable living conditions. Healthcare are not acknowledged, and a lot of the women that have medical accommodations that are needed.

Officers harassment based on their sexual preference which is sexual harassment. When inmates request a PC they’re being denied. There is no possible way for social distance, it’s just too many people. During the early COVID stages they had us housed in prisons and made them wear cameras visible in the shower.

It just closed it in,April 2021 because people finally started calling. They just removed the bunks May 28th. They were still calling us in our housing units. We were housed over there, so they was making it seem like weren’t in the gymnasium at all.

Whenever they’re doing something wrong or, or they, they doing something wrong, they turn off the phone so we can’t call our family. They turn off our TV stations when it’s informative- information on there, based on the prison. They refuse- I mean, they keep reused food in a cooler that’s unsanitary and they keep them there for long periods of times and then they serve it to us.

Again, anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes while we walked out down from the chow hall and we wait in line, they only allow us that time to sit down and eat and then they telling us to get out. When it’s a medical emergency, they making us pick our own stuff up. You know, and some people be having heart conditions, some people can’t breathe. They make us pack up just to go over to healthcare. They not acknowledging that these women have ERDs and when they, I mean, when they ERDs is coming up, they’re not even putting them in the classes that they need to get out of prison.

They misuse them- I mean, mistreating the mental- mentally disabled. It’s so much that goes on in this prison. There’s so much corruption. There’s so much- it’s sad, man. We really need people to speak out for us because we can’t do it. No, we can’t get our words across. They do us bad in here. I feel like get sharing it on social media or call in to the prison.

You know what I’m saying? Whatever it is that can be done, because we can’t pull it from here. You know, if our families only can say much, but if the word is spread, spreaded, you know what I’m saying? And we need to reach the governor, we need to get petitions in, and we need everything that can be done as far us like getting this place closed down and, you know, trying to get some of these women out of here. It’s so many people in here that’s innocent. You know what I mean? It’s so many people, you know, it’s people in here that’s done what they done but they’re innocent as well, and they don’t care about us.

They don’t care about our wellbeing. People are in here dying. They don’t care. So anything that can be done, we greatly appreciate it. You all have a lot more calls coming in because we- once the word got out about the Naykima Hill situation, you know, our family seen it and heard it her recording, and so once that got out, we everybody’s going to be reaching out to you guys.

We really- so yeah, if the buildings are condemned. It’s- it’s is the listing. The list goes on and on and on like. That you, you, you can’t be you know, just saying you can’t be a lesbian female in here. They degrade you. You may harass you. You know what I’m saying? It’s certain officers do that. It’s crazy. A lot of racist officers in here too, so we go through a lot, and we really appreciate you guys getting our word out here.

My name is Aroniece Jackson. I’m housed at Women’s Huron Valley Prison, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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