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Auroniece Jackson

Yes, my name is Auroniece Jackson. My number is 863572.

First off, I’m going to speak on the situation with COVID, like how they’re handling the COVID situation. There’s no structure whatsoever. They’re housing all levels together, all scores together. It’s no safety or security whatsoever.

They had his house in the housing unit call [inaudible]. There was no ventilation. We had no mops. We had nothing to clean with. This building that they had us in has been condemned since May 2021. They put us over there and just send us over there. It’s like an old gym. It’s all cubicles, so it was one open space. The wall in between can be climbed over the top, and all these different levels, one, two, all of us were in here together. They didn’t care about us having no ventilation.

The showers were so degrading, like the bottoms were open like a bathroom stall. So if someone’s standing next to me taking a shower, I can feel all their water on me. You know what I’m saying? They use the bathroom in the shower, and their feces can go on me.

I’ve been complaining to as many people as I can. Every one that I seen, I complained about, and the only person that was willing to help us was around was Ron Valdez and everything that they, that she took to them like leaving a door open, for us to get air and ventilation and circulation through the building, they told her no.

Also healthcare. They’re acting like COVID is the only thing that’s going on, like it’s people still got serious health issues, like right now I’m going through, I’m not even sure what’s going on my lower back, but I’m feeling numbness down the front of my leg and the back of my leg. Healthcare won’t even get me over there to see me. I’ve been complaining about this since late December.

They’re saying that it’s because they’re understaffed, but that’s no excuse, because we shouldn’t have to suffer because they’re understaffed. We still should be able to be seen by doctors and so forth. They still have them in the facility, so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Also, it’s still a lot of sexual discrimination going on in here. Like one of the main officers who has allegations against him, his name is Darwin Henderson, about him harassing homosexuals and people how they identify. They have him in charge of housing. He’s in charge of the housing, moving prisoners around, which I don’t understand is how if he has allegations against them already about this current situation. I’ve even talked to deputies about it. I’ve talked to deputy Allen about it. I’ve talked to inspector Owens about it. I’ve talked to them because he does this, like he follows us around, he preys on us as women. It’s just unfair for us to keep going through that.

With all the gay rights that goes on in a world, you know, with everything that’s going on, I’m not understanding how the sexual discrimination can go on here. Really, like we constantly going through this everyday, sexual abuse. They don’t even know what’s going on here.Say if they’re dressed boyish or tomboyish, they automatically is told they have a girlfriend. That’s sexual discrimination, you know what I’m saying?

So it’s just a lot that goes on in here. The officer say what they want, they do what they want. If we do what we want or say what we want, we get written up. We get misconduct. They just do what they want in here. These officers are being mandated. They’re working over 20 hours. They’re falling asleep at the desk. We complain about that, we get retaliated upon. We complain about anything, we get retaliated upon. It’s above and beyond.

I’ve given this number to multiple women, so you’re going to have multiple calls if they decide to pick up and call. But anything that I see going on there, as long as you guys are putting it out there for someone to hear, I’m going to call y’all, because we gotta get the word out. This place needs to be shut down. There’s mold everywhere.

They constantly just painting over the mold. Everywhere, all in the shower area, they paint over the mold, or they try to power wash it off, and it comes right back within a couple of months. They need to really shut this place down.

The chow hall, there’s maggots in the food. They reserving old food, they got food sitting in there for weeks ad for weeks and they put it in the freezer and bring it out so we can eat it. Now there’s stuff that’s supposed to be on the menu, and we ain’t getting that. We’re not getting that. They’re replacing that with something that we’re not even supposed to be getting. This place is out of control. They do what they want to do. And they say what they want to say.

I spoke with a lady by the name of Bardot. She said that she complained to her family about, they put her in a 16-man, her score is a potential victim. They put her in the 16-man, and when she got on the phone and complain to her family about it, the inspectors called her over and basically told her “We’re doing what we have to do for our safety for COVID,” so they’re going against their own protocols and they’re going against their own policies and just doing what they want to do.

And it’s unfair to us because when we try to speak up, they come and shake your room down or they harassing you on a walkway or they taking you up to the control center to strip-search you, and it’s just it’s too much. And we need this word put out as much as possible, as many people that’s listening.

Officer stopped me on the walkway this about five minutes ago and told me he heard me on the radio and I’m like, “Well, you know, was it multiple officers around or was it just you?” He said it was, “Multiple officers,” So he’s like, “So you better be aware,” so what does that mean? You understand what I’m saying?

So I just want y’all to know, every time something goes on, I’m going to have people calling, or I’m going to be calling just to let y’all know and keep y’all updated on what’s going on in here, because we still being treated fairly. And I know it’s not going to change overnight, but something does need to be done about how we’re being treated.

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