Prison Radio
Jamil Pirant

Uh, this is called, “Death.”

I feel like, for so long, we’ve been taught the fear of dying. For whatever reason, I don’t know, everybody’s scared to die, and I feel like it’s the one thing that’s certain. The only thing that’s for sure, is inevitable, is going come. I can’t teach or condone the teaching of death being something to fear because I know better.

I know people who died from a leg wound and I know ones who survived getting shot in the head. I know ones who died from little allergic reactions, and those who survived big boy cancer. I mean when it’s all said and done, when it’s that time, it’s that time. Nobody can escape that moment.

We shouldn’t fear death or dying, we should put [inaudible] it, by only fearing the curator of life and death itself. It’s only a sin to denier of his mercy, his heir, his reign, his fruits, his vegetation. The things that he produced on earth. I mean we should prepare for our death by fearing the moment that his wrath. Be prepared for the one thing that’s certain, which is death by being content with his coming. And since that moment is unknown but to him, we should strive through the time in between, in righteousness.

Surely the moment to fear isn’t death, but it’s what happened after our changing of form that should keep us up sweating worried. You know, afraid. The hour- that we see our- the hour that we meet our Lord. The hour that we see him, and we pay equal for every deed we posting in his life, good and bad. We shift for the day that we judge for our deeds. Because we know Allah is the most just, and justice never go unserved.

[Inaudible] this life is only [inaudible] for the believer, the chosen, to draw the best of moments, and then here after for ourselves on. Whatever picture painted is worth the space on the wall. We should seek paradise by being upright.

And Allah says, independent only depending on the law, the provider, the protector, the most merciful, the all-knowing. And surely fearing only him alone, by obeying him and his [inaudible], at all costs. I feel like his life, don’t just give us joy, more than he give us the space to locate our purposes, dedicate our being to it.

So, the time that we have now must be taken advantage of, by giving the best of ourself to our creator, our family, our tribe, our neighbors, and to ourselves. And this is what I accept and give myself too. I can only hope that you guys do the same thing and stop fearing something that’s going to come. Instead let’s prepare for.

Thank you.