Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Protests in over 170 cities; demonstrations during dozens of Black Friday sales, with demands to not spend Black America’s money on mindless materialism, while millions mourn.

The police killing of teenaged Mike Brown, and the subsequent whitewash by a prosecutor’s state grand jury, has touched a raw nerve among young Black America and beyond.

The question is, what is next?

Already, media and government are trying to manage this event, by its calls for closure, and hints that (maybe!) relief may lie with federal officials.

Most know that these are mere pipe dreams.

Soft words meant to ease back into a deadly status quo of ‘business as usual’.

But any system that kills children, is a system that can’t be allowed to exist.

With tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, (if not millions) in a state of outrage, now is the time to organize them into organizations designed and committed to fight for deep, structural social change.

The system that allows its agents to kill kids with utter impunity must be shattered, and new, humanistic structures-ones controlled by the people, must be erected in its place.

This energy; this Moment, must not be allowed to dissipate.

It must seized. It must be harnessed.

It must be used to build new ways of being in the world.

This will take will. It will take vision.

But, most of all, it will take commitment to fight – and struggle – until social change becomes a reality.