Prison Radio
Christopher “Naeem” Trotter

My name is Christopher Trotter. I’m here at Wabash Valley. Inside the belly of the beast in Carlisle, Indiana.

At the present time, we are on lock-down. Due to the upsurge in Corona virus cases amongst staff and prisoners. [Inaudible] We will give you a sedative, we will give you [inaudible], we will give you smokes. If you take a flu shot. Out of the 40 years I’ve been inside the belly of the beast, the DOC has never told anyone to take a flu shot. [Inaudible] to take a flu shot.

Normally, I would take a flu shot. But now I’m [inaudible] skeptical. I’m like, oh, wait a minute. What’s going on here? You wanna pay me to take a flu shot? So, they crowded a bunch of prisoners in the gym. They weren’t thinking about social distancing. They got everybody, you know, crowded in the gym. Like cattle in a stable. And they started giving out these flu shots.

And all of a sudden, you got this surge in positive cases of COVID-19. How is that possible? Now, I told prisoners. I said hey, I don’t think this is right. Something wrong about this it doesn’t smell right. People are not trusting the Trump administration to handle COVID-19. People are not-in society are not volunteering for the trial tests of COVID-19.

Especially Black and minorities. They’re not signing up to put these trial shots of COVID. They’re not signing up for it. So what better place to do it at? In prison. Disguised as a flu shot. [Inaudible] pay them [inaudible] peanuts [inaudible] nut-crackers [inaudible] bribe prisoners to give them flu shots which really is a COVID-19 trial shot.

Well, you know what, in the next day, people have been isolated. The security unit- the security and patrol until is full of positive COVID-19 cases here at Wabash. [Inaudible] people isolated in the gymnasium here? [Inaudible] COVID-19 alleged flu shot. [Inaudible]. Then all of a sudden you got over 50 people testing positive and staff.

And the prison is in lock-down. While they’re talking about closing [inaudible] correctional facility. They’re talking about closing this prison down, because of the COVID-19. They already had the national guards in there. Now they’re talking about closing it. They’re talking about slipping over a thousand people out of this prison to close it.

[Inaudible.] You need to close all the prisons. As a matter of fact, I got a better idea. Let’s abolish the prisons. Let’s do away with the [inaudible] environment that justifies this type of slavery. That promotes the prison industrial-complex that allows these private contractors to come in here, to buy prisoners’ and sell prisoners’ slave labor to do jobs that [inaudible] 20 or 30 dollars an hour. This is what’s going on.

Here at Wabash, they have a private company that does contracts for all the military equipment. The [inaudible] and they pay these prisoners minimum wage. That is slavery making 30 to 40 dollars, so why don’t we call it slavery. Where they pay these prisoners [inaudible] minimum wage [inaudible] when they should be making 15-20 dollars an hour.

People need to wake up and know what’s going on inside these prisons. If you have a loved one in here you need to be-you need to read the signs. That’s why we created [inaudible] [DOC watch]. That’s why we created the [inaudible]. So we can keep people informed. That’s why we have Prison Radio, so we can keep people informed on what’s going on in here. That’s why I’m talking to you now. So I can inform you that the government is [upto their tricks].

And don’t be surprised when prisoners start to die of this so-called flu shot that they [inaudible] pay you to take. Again, people. If you got loved ones inside these [inaudible], read the signs. Call and find out what’s going on, ask questions. Go to and listen. We need your support. Prisoners lives matter. All lives matter, we’re human beings at the end of the day.

Until next time, [inaudible].

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.