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Faluch Bigsby

Hello folks, how y’all doing today? This is Faluch Bigsby, the author of God Uses Gangsters, you can get me on any major book vendors, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. So, we’ve had a lot going on here. I’ve been getting a lot of requests and stuff. After the last time that I spoke on “Life Was Too Short,” I had some people contact me, that want me to clarify some things that was in my book, which we’ll get to that in a minute. Today’s quote is coming from Miss Robison here at Madison prison, she gave me this quote for you guys. “Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way we cope with it is what makes the difference.” So pretty much that’s what today’s topic is, is that life is just the way it’s supposed to be. And we just have to cope with it properly. Okay, so now I wanted to address one of the issues in my book. So somebody asked about the guy Snowflake that’s in my book and what I made comments to last week about the FBI and the gang stuff. So yes, in a former life, I did participate with members that were involved in organized crime. And yes, there was a misunderstanding about something that happened in Ohio and the guys in Ohio have contacted me and asked me to publicly notify everybody what the facts are. These are the facts. When it came to Simon City, there’s never been a white supremist chapter known as Simon City, it is no such thing. It was misinformation and the people that were claiming to be white supremist under Simon City, is not true. They wanted me to clarify that because the motherhood of Almighty Simon City is becoming a social club, and they’re trying to go political. And there are Puerto Ricans, Whites, Blacks, all that are members of their political group. And in Ohio, there was at one time a person that was not actually a real member, but claiming something out of the south. And he brought it to Ohio, and they were misinformed about their information. So hopefully, this straightened that out, so everybody understands that it’s a social club out of Chicago, and it’s nationwide now, and it is not a racial group. It has people of all races involved in it, and Almighty is the mother chapter. Okay, moving on. I want to be very clear, I no longer associate with any of those people, but they’ve asked me to do that for you guys here on Prison News. And other than that, all we can do is try to be who we are. We can’t be anybody else. I personally am just a regular citizen and a Christian that’s trying to influence you all to love each other and to come together. With that this is today’s World Nation. God bless, Faluch Bigsby. These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.