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Greetings, fellow travelers. Well, this is Faluch Bigsby, the author of God Uses Gangsters. Today, on it’s A World Nation, first Peter, Chapter Two, Verse 9. I want to start with a quote from my godmother in faith from New Zealand, Mary. She told me to tell you guys that, ‘Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.’

All right, so, getting started, I want to answer a few questions. Somebody had asked me the question, how many attempts have been made on my life? And why? I want to say, since I’ve been imprisoned, five major attempts, three hospital visits, and why, is a little more complex answer. So, in 2006, I was approached by the government, and they told me basically, they was going to put me in prison if I chose not to cooperate with them, or do whatever they asked. I was a first time adult offender, and I received 21 years. So soon as I got to prison, I ran across what is known as the Aryan Brotherhood, in prison, and they’re a racist organization. And I’m not with that. And they received the contract to either make me comply, or they were supposed to kill me. Bottom line, I chose to sell drugs. I chose to do a lot of bad things. And even in the midst of my foolishness, God looked out for me. So, I would love to sit here and say, “woe me,” but the truth is, it was my foolishness that almost got me killed multiple times in prison. Now, true enough, the government wanted me to comply and do the things they wanted me to do.

Basically, for those that want to know, cuz I know that’s your next question, the first thing they wanted me to do is tell on my own mother, which I’m not going to do that. Second thing, they wanted me to debrief about my organization. The state of Ohio, it’s a well known fact, in this state, everybody here knows it, which, I’m not from here. I didn’t know this, whenever I first got here, that most of the gangs work for the government. Period, flat out, and I was a high-ranking member in an organization and they wanted me to cooperate. They wanted me to tell on my own mother, that’s not happening. So I chose to play the game. Basically, in the end of it, my actions put me in this position, I own what I did. I was a drug dealer. I did a lot wrong, but I changed. I came to Christ. So I want you to take from that, is that even in your foolishness, God still loves you. Every day is a gift. And guess what? I’m going to live in the present and the now.

Now, moving on. I wanted to share like a funny story with you before I closed out today, about my childhood. So for those that have read my book, you know that I was in a military program. When I got discharged. I went to Little Rock, Arkansas, and my uncle Charlie was a retired Teamster, real old dude. He took me to get my driver’s license. And I did the application. I filled it out. I gave it to the lady. The lady looked at me and she said, “Okay, well, everything checks out here. Now we need two photo ID’s.” And my uncle looked at her and said, “What the hell you need a photo ID for? The boy’s standing right there in front of you.” So, needless to say, I was not prepared because I didn’t have photo ID’s yet and I didn’t get my license that day. With that I just wanted to leave on a good note. It’s been A World Nation God bless. Everyday is a gift.

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