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Cell Blocks: Young, Gifted, and Black

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

This is “Cell Blocks Full of Young, Gifted, and Black,” by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson.  If ever you want to discover a place of boundless treasure, where sisters and brothers can be found with talents beyond… Full Transcript


Eddie Treadwell

Hello, how you doing today? This is Eddie Treadwell. I’m incarcerated here at Michigan Prison at Brooks Correctional Facility. I’ve been here for 34 years now. Individual robbed and killed my brother, and basically tried… Full Transcript

The Present

Faluch Bigsby

William Dixon 0:00Greetings, fellow travelers. Well, this is Faluch Bigsby, the author of God Uses Gangsters. Today, on it’s A World Nation, first Peter, Chapter Two, Verse 9. I want to start with a quote… Full Transcript

The Truth is More Insidious and Treacherous

Dontie Mitchell

The Truth is More Insidious and Treacherous.” For years the superintendent here at Great Meadow has presided over and condoned some of the worst prison violence in New York state. The Correctional Association of New… Full Transcript

Murder of Prisoners and Guard Protest At Great Meadow

Dontie Mitchell

“Murder of Prisoners and Guard Protest at Great Meadow.” For the last three days, the guards here at Great Meadow have been protesting for lockout of several of their own who were implicated in the… Full Transcript

The Great Contradiction

Dontie Mitchell

“The Great Contradiction.” Last week, I was in my aggression replacement training, A-R-T, program that the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision mandate certain prisoners to take, regardless if we need it… Full Transcript

The Art of Political Activism