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Krystal Clark

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Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death.

This prison is terrible, ladies. I gotta catch my breath. I’m just being retaliate all the way around due to the radio station. Every time I call y’all and report, they are listening. I get – everything I say to y’all, people repeat it to me. It’s okay, I’m willing to take that risk. I’m not worrying about it because I’m gon’ keep on doing what’s right.

They took patches of my throat and everything, my health. The lady told me it’s like over 20-something nodules, or something like that, like so many of them in my throat. My ear is still full of fungus, my whole body is swole, bear with me. [Inaudible] the world, just bear with me.

Today was not a good day to me. I was sitting down, I had a inmate run up on me. She’s a crazy lady, she choked her [inaudible], ran up on me, told me she was about to f- me up. I tried to run to the officers, she came after me, threatened me, no one doing nothing, anything. This lady stay right across the hall from me, she really have a problem. A mental problem. She was sharpening a pen so I’m fearing for my life on that. No one’s doing –  I went to the PC [protective custody], I went to everyone trying to get help. Every time I report stuff, I get treated like nothing. No one would ever want to hear me when someone’s doing something, no one ever don’t wanna hear me. What about our mental? My life matter. I am a Black lady. I matter. It’s so much racist stuff going on in this prison. So much of it. I’ve never seen nothing like this, like this is terrible. The way we are living and being treated, and then when we speak up and tell someone, ask for help, we get treated like nothing? I can’t get help from medical, I can’t get help from officers, I can’t get help from PC, the warden, the people who are supposed to have our – what they tell me, do you want PC? They wanted to lock me up today instead of going to ask this lady why she’s threatening to hurt me and harm me. No one went to this lady and did anything. This lady was steady walking around in this prison, in the unit, going to door-to-door looking in people’ room. Our door don’t – you could easily getting in there while we sleep. So now I have to fear for my life because I stand up to ladies in here, I get told I need to keep my mouth shut and stay off the radio station. That’s never gonna happen until God take every breath out my body. Even when I get out of here, I’m going to fight.

This is sad. This is really sad. This place is tearing us down. It’s filthy, nasty. And I’m not gon’ say all of the officers ‘cause some of them do care – and they leaving. We got nurses done left the way how they get treated. We got officers want to fight and they can’t fight – they leaving. Half of ‘em gone because the way they get treated. They know they ain’t get treated right. It’s a lot of racist going on and I feel like it’s going on right now as we speaking. Like, I’m not being funny, this lady was white, officer was white, and they just let her – the man was gon’ lock the lady up and they stopped him from locking her up, for harming me. I had a call – this is ridiculous. I’m asking for – somebody need to come in here and investigate this warden and all this. This is terrible. I wrote him, saw him. He don’t really talk to me.

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