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Naykima Hill

Hey y’all. My name is Naykima Hill and I’m at Women’s Huron’s Valley.

We have a situation. I called some time ago and it went viral about how we’re being treated in this prison.

Right now, my complaint and my issue is, and we need help, it’s a man officer by the name of Mr. Ross. He hit a girl, beat her down in this prison, and they’ve done nothing. He punched her because she wants to see the sergeant, and he punched her, choked her, picked her up and slammed her and continued to beat her on the ground, and they let him still stay here. Even after that day, he still was here. He still here even almost a year after.

Today, again, a friend of mine, Carrie Hall, her son just died of overdose, and she was frantic and she was going to her callouts, talk to the sergeant, the sergeant had already told her she could see him, And she was waiting, telling him this man did not like to be told “no” by female, or he feels like the need to do what he said to do. But the sergeant had already told her she could see her after everything’s done. So she was not hostile or anything. He punched her in the face, picked her up choked her, slammed her, and continued to punch her.

Where is that okay? We are in a female prison. A lot of us here is here for getting beat and killed by our spouse or whoever they put their hands on us. When is it right for a man to put their hand on us and we in a prison? You don’t know my mental status. I don’t feel that that’s right. We need help in here because nobody is doing nothing.

They done locked this girl up saying that she assaulted him, she did not touch him not one single time. In the event that she did, it should have been all right. It should have been passable because he shouldn’t have put his hands with her in the first place. You’re in a female prison to protect us. You ain’t here to beat us.

How the hell is that okay and staff not doing nothing, they just turned a blind eye. And I know have this shit on camera because it was in front of a camera. Today is 10/19/21. This happened between the time 2:15 and 2:35. We need help y’all. We need help.

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