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Naykima Hill

Hello guys, this is Naykima Hill calling from Women’s Huron Valley. I’m just appalled at the fact that the mold has been founded. And my friend Krystal Clark, who has it. Like she’s very allergic. It kills me that nobody’s doing nothing, that we have the paperwork, it’s founded. There’s no lies they can tell no more because we have the paperwork, as well as this lady has been told to be a liar for almost 12 plus years. Because I’ve been with her, and I know she ain’t lying. Now they know she’s not lying since paperwork. This in the inside is coming out of her, and it’s showing on the outside.

his lady who has- she’s growing mold in her ears, in a rim on the outside of her ears. Who does that? I’ve never seen nothing like, how like if you look on the rooftop and you see like green molds. I literally see this in this lady’s ears. How is that even possible? And nobody’s doing nothing. Governor, I’m reaching out to Whitmer. Why aren’t you doing nothing for this lady? My best friend is dying, and it’s fake and environmental. And I tell her at the hospital, if she don’t get out this environment. Everything’s they have her taking, it’s only holding her for a minute. Because if they take her from it, she would die, she would die, she would die. Literally die instantly. Even from this prison. I don’t understand this. I do not understand this.

I want to reach out to a few folks. For one, the final call. Bennu Hannibal Ra-Sun. I’m reaching out to you, from Free Alabama Movement, the organization. The need you. From Alabama, we need you. Alicia Netterville, from Mississippi lawyer. Jaribu Hill, from the Mississippi Workers’ Center, we need you. Lawrence S. Blackmon from the Blackmon Firm, PLLC, we need you. Nkechi Taifa, human and civil rights attorney from Washington D.C. we need you. Attorney Nick Brustin from the Mr. Howard’s case, we need you. Abdullah Mohammed, the National Prison Reform Minister, we also need you. Rapper Yo Gotti, we need you.

We need y’all. We need y’all to contact us. Please help us fight. We are in an inhumane situation and no help. Please help us, please. Thank you.

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