Prison Radio
Naykima Hill

This is my Naykima Hill, 270530, at the Huron Valley prison for women. And my title is, “Outraged.”

I’ve been going through some changes medically. And right now I see a red dot. You can’t see it physically, but I can see it looking at you. And it’s like, on my left side, it’s orange when I look out. So I have been back and forth to the hospital. Getting glasses. I went to the optometrist who made my eyes dilate. And so now I’m wearing glasses. So also I have a wheelchair detail from me breaking my neck.

So I just tried to go eat. This lady who always messing with me named Miss Myers stopped me as I’m getting the wheelchair. Now she herself gave me my wheelchair detail, but she gon’ tell me that I can’t go to chow, that I have to have it on my person, but going to the hospital, you have to take everything out of your pockets, you can’t take anything, so I came from the hospital, I’m ill, I’m sick, I can’t even see, and I’m blind, and I’m dizzy. This lady want to argue with me, so I try to ask the next officer, I can’t even read her name, she gon’ tell me, she has the nerve to ask me- I said yeah, we need someone to be the voice of reason, said you gon’ roll with her, alright, don’t worry about it [inaudible].

So I’ve been denied chow, and I don’t understand how these people could keep going- keep doing it that way, like creating a hostile environment. [inaudible] I’m tired of this, and I’m tired of them telling us to go grievance because grievances getting thrown away. When are we gonna get some health and justice? Because we need it. I am physically unable to do anything right now.

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