Prison Radio
Naykima Hill

My name is Naykima Hill, and I’m calling in regards to a few issues. But one I’m gonna deal with today is about my best friend Krystal Clark.

When I called the radio station the first time, it was about our health and our maintain- the maintaining us here at Huron Valley for women. I was telling you about the mold situation. The black mold is killing us. And the warden has lied- the prison and the officers and area officials has lied and said there’s no mold in this place, but that’s a lie. So they made my best friend feel so little and so alone, and she’s dying in this place. Again, she’s dying because of the environment that she’s in.

And the hospital, not healthcare here, because healthcare seems to be on one accord—they work with each other. So get any information and the truth out of them is like, yeah right. So the hospital told her that if she does not get out this environment, she’s going to die. The medicine that they give her is only sustaining her. If they take her from it- they take her off of it, it will kill her instantly. However, I think they done gave her so many antibiotics that it killed off her- the good bacterial bacteria she’s supposed to have her body.

However, now 12 plus years later, now we got the facts y’all. We got actual paperwork from the hospital from a septic test, two of them that says it’s mold in her body. They lied and said it wasn’t. The warden dogged my friend and told her she’s lying. We have actual factual paperwork. Now, now it’s time for somebody to do something. It’s time to get her up out here. They up in here, she got mold in both of her ears and in her lungs. There is no way that this should be happening.

And people are allowing it, the governor as well. We have contacted her—she’s done nothing. Well, my friends told her to have her family put in the conversation. I shouldn’t have to. What I’m telling you is I’m gonna show you all my paperwork. Why we can’t get help? This is somebody’s mother, somebody’s grandmother, somebody’s child, that y’all killing. And now it’s Willie. So you tell me who’s the criminal now. Nobody help- they have paperwork now though. We help, but we need help now. Can somebody please step in.

Again, it’s Naykima Hill, 270530.

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