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Naykima Hill

Sign This Petition to Address Inhumane Conditions at Women’s Huron Valley

I am in a place where it’s called Lennoway, and this building been shut down already before, and it’s cause it’s not in livable conditions, so they got us over here, it’s like a hundred and something women, one microwave. It’s dirty as [expletive] over here, and they got us like in cubicles, but we are not supposed to be over here.

And then it’s like we don’t have no ice, we don’t have no fans, we don’t have anything, and we under these conditions, and we’re only over because either one of our bunks tested positive, so we were like close contact, and it’s dangerous. It’s still dangerous.

They just put me in the bed where a lady tested positive in the bed that I’m in, and they didn’t wipe it down or nothing. They just put me right in that bed, so the other four bunkies was mad, like “Why the [expletive] would they put you in that same bed? The lady just tested positive, they just moved her out and just moved you right in.” I’m like, “Yeah, and that’s how I could catch it.” Now, I can’t catch it again. I caught it twice, and each time was more dangerous than the next, and they don’t care.

Like right now, this we’re not supposed to be locked in. We’re locked in this building. This is a fire hazard. There’s no way in, nobody can come in, nobody can go out unless you got a key. This is so crazy. We need this place to be shut down like now.

There’s a petition and we need 1600 signatures to get this place, Women’s Huron Valley, shut down. And when I told a lot of these women, they were scared, like, “I don’t know if I wanna do that cause where are they gonna move us?” I’m like, “I don’t care where they move us as long they move us to livable conditions,” like we’re dying here from all this black mold and they scared, they still don’t wanna go. They like, “Well, I’d rather be here than going up north and I can’t see my family.” I’m like, “Well, you would rather be able to go see your family when you go home and not be told you got six months to live because you stayed in this mold all that time.”

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