Prison Radio
Naykima Hill

Hi, my name is Naykima Hill and I’m calling about my friend, Krystal Clark. My friend is, like, literally dying and it’s sad to see her, like, deteriorating. And like, just drawing up before my very eyes. And nobody is doing anything. It’s like, we keep reaching out and reaching out, and I would think by me contacting the radio station and the podcasts I’ve been on, that something would have happened by now. And nothing. Everybody keep blowing smoke up our ass.

And like, it’s crazy how we cannot get to the Governor. Like when we did, when we went [indiscernible] said we needed more [indiscernible].

It’s a whole lawsuit going on about the mold that we going through. Like, she is very highly allergic. Like she got deadly bacterias. They’re from the mold in her blood system. E. coli in her blood system. Like things we can’t even name in her blood system. And they not treating her. Like we couldn’t get her to a specialist, like to her own actual doctors. Like they lying in her medical records saying different things but the facts are the facts. Like she’s [indiscernible] up. Like if you see the before picture and the now picture – drastic change. And we need help, like, it’s so sad. Like it really saddens me to know that my friend is dying and I can’t do nothing to help her.

And nobody else is doing – how do you the people, how do human beings allow another human being to die? And you know that it’s a problem. And all you’re doing is keep hiding, hiding information, or hiding things that’s very vital to help her. Like this one person, she could do anything if you let her out. She’s not going to recommit another crime. She need help, real help.

So when somebody gon’ step up? ‘Cause it’s like, we here for committing crimes but at the same time, what that make it look like for you? Like you’re murdering her. You literally are killing her and knowingly. It’s like, it’s a deliberate indifference, you knowing that she’s dying and knowing that you could help her, and you choose not to. You choose to keep hiding the information and you will not let her get a medical commutation.

And like this attorney that we got, David Steingold, like he need extra help. I don’t understand how you know that she’s dying, that she’s highly allergic, that nothing – no medicine that she ever get could ever help her, it will never cure her until she get out of this environment. No place – I mean, nowhere, no unit in this place, is she safe from mold. It’s everywhere. It’s in the – it’s in the water system. It’s everywhere. It’s no escape. So she’s dying. It’s like, she’s deteriorating. And it’s like, it’s so fast now. Like, she got nontoxic goiters in her, in her throat. Like she got – she can’t poop, she haven’t pooped in like a whole month. Who can do that? Like she got big blood clots coming out her rectum. And it’s hard to get to the hospital where they physically see this.

This is so inhumane to me. That’s nobody to be trying to help us. And Judge Mathis, you said you was gon’ help us. Trick Trick, you said you was gon’ help us. And nobody came and did anything, you just blew smoke up our ass. Like, I’m reaching out. I ain’t even doing this for myself. My friend need to come home. My friend need help. ‘Cause if she dies, all those who I have – all those we have contacted, who have knowledge, if she dies I swear I am coming for you and I will not stop. She will not die in vain. Now she got kids she haven’t seen in years. (Twelve years. Thirteen years.) Like she – we need help.

So if don’t nobody stand up today to want to do nothing – I don’t even wanna call this radio station no more ’cause like, what is it doing? Like peoples write – we don’t just want you to write, we want you to show up and do something. I don’t understand how you can’t go to the Governor’s office and be outside her office campaigning, like, on the news, like, ’cause this is literally you murdering her. So who’s more of a criminal, me or you? (The system. This is the system. They killing off people, they receive the money from us and they killing us…)

For real, and it’s like, we don’t care about this lawsuit money. Like I would give anything just to let her go. I would let her go before me. And a lot of these other old women in here, like they dying. How the hell you got a hospice in prison? Like, come on now, they act ill. They can’t do anything else. Let them go home and die at peace with they family. This is so crazy. And so you may not understand.

But I do thank you for this radio station for this, for this voice. Just to be able to reach out. Like when I started calling first, I started spreading the news to everybody. Please call, please call, please call. This is our voice. So whatever is going on, whatever you need to tell, whatever is going on in your life that you want somebody to hear and know. ‘Cause it’s like we hidden away. This is like a foreign country.

[Indiscernible] and we don’t have nobody to help us. I done called the news and everything. Nobody seems to help – wanna help. Or they appease me and say some things for the time being. You’ll never do anything.

How? That’s my only question. How is this even possible?

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