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Faluch Bigsby

Greetings fellow travelers. It’s me Faluch Bigsby, author of God Uses Gangsters. First I want to say, please share my book and this link to Prison Radio with everyone. I’m just a weary traveler seeking to shine God’s light. Philippians 1:18 says, “All that matters is Christ is being preached.” You all need to understand that my suffering, my life, it’s all been God’s will. My story is meant to bring God’s glory. In 1979 I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was born deaf and dead with an umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I was already a miracle, because my mother had her tubes tied, but yet I survived because it was God’s will. At three years old, a doctor tried a first time ever experiment which fixed my ears and gave me my hearing back.

The word says in Ephesians, 6:12, “We are not fighting a war of flesh and blood, but of the unseen more principalities.” See, all my tragedy took place because I let the unseen attack me. I didn’t put on the armor of God, and I wasn’t living right. But what the Devil meant to be bad, God turned to be good in my life. Now, I want to take you to Romans 8:28, “All things work out good for those who believe in God.” See, I’m not a mainstream Christian. I don’t come with judgment. I don’t get along with most Christians, because the way that I believe, I think that we should love everybody and give everybody a chance. I’m supposed to shine this light. God is the source, not the resource. The light I shine is found in Philippians 2:3, “Don’t be selfish. Love each other.” Listen, I’m trying to tell you that each person works out their own salvation. Because I’m a Christian, it’s just what I found that works for me to love each other and to love people.

Yes, we have, you know, my story where the government tried to kill me and they gave me 21 years as a vendor when co-defendants got six years. You know, all these things took place in my life, but yet, if it wasn’t for those things, I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t think the way I think. I wouldn’t believe the way that I believe. Yes, they printed some fake information. Yes, they did a lot of things that people would fall, as tragedy. But you know what? I don’t think of it that way. Because the suffering that I do now is going to just be blessings later. So we just got to buckle down and do the right thing, and believe in humanity and believe in each other.

Now, I would like for you guys to share my story, you know, because it’s not about me. I’ve already lost everybody in my life. I don’t have anybody but you. So I’m giving myself to the world, as in, I’m just trying to shine my light and show you that no matter what I’ve been through, it doesn’t even matter. I’m still a positive person. I still love people, and I don’t blame nobody but myself for my actions. And with that, I just want to say God bless you, shine the light, light up the darkness, because if you help me shed the word, we’re going to prove God is the source, not the resource. Faluch Bigsby signing off for A Royal Nation.

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