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Humanity and Transparency

Burnell Kelly

Prison Radio, how y’all doing out there today? This is Burnell, coming to you once again, aka Abdul The Black Sheep. I’ve been incarcerated for 36 years. Oftentimes, people will look at somebody behind the… Full Transcript

God’s Plan

Faluch Bigsby

Greetings fellow travelers. It’s me Faluch Bigsby, author of God Uses Gangsters. First I want to say, please share my book and this link to Prison Radio with everyone. I’m just a weary traveler seeking… Full Transcript

Prison Radio – Much Needed for Prisoners’ Success and Humanity

Izell Robinson

I am Izell Robinson, Minnesota inmate number 210006, an innocent man confined within the quadrilaterals of systemic injustice, fighting to be heard and affect positive change. Yet to accomplish success, I need you to listeners… Full Transcript