Prison Radio
Izell Robinson

I am Izell Robinson, Minnesota inmate number 210006, an innocent man confined within the quadrilaterals of systemic injustice, fighting to be heard and affect positive change. Yet to accomplish success, I need you to listeners to hear me and act, so I’m only asking if I could be heard and count on you to act.

As a prisoner, I do my best to preserve my humanity and sanity, and artistic expression is a way that I do that, so today, I’ll be performing a piece called “Forever You’ll Be Mine.”

Haha, yes! Remember me? It’s Gnik. I’ve been on lock for a minute, but I still need love. I mean, everybody needs love, so I hope you think of me still. I mean, I’ve been losing my mind in here, but all I can do is keep praying and hold onto my faith that God got me and I’m going to be all right. No matter what, I keep love close and safe in my heart. So I only can imagine the best for my future, and hopefully that’ll happen soon.

Mental castles won’t do, crown ain’t nothing new

The dark throne been due, a royalty like few

A king like me, a queen like you

From a different brew, that’s why the love’s true

Caress you if you blue until your tears true

Notice the flame grew, maybe this a clue?

Wet sweet morning dew tastes like fresh root

Element of the time like stars we shine, never hard to find

Feelings one of a kind, trace from hardlines painted to be designed

Lemonade and pink lime, the heights you will climb

Work becomes a sign, and forever you’ll be mine

Floating on the dreams of my mind, when we’re together

Forgetting time, endless memories with no caution signs

No longer a joke to say forever you’ll be mine

Go ahead and laugh, cause with me, you know happiness ain’t hard to find

And I do what I can to see you smile, if I can keep you from crying

It doesn’t matter about being sick when I can be your health to keep you from dying

I hope you can see that this love isn’t blind

Because beauty may be most important within, but you sure are fine

Just know you stole my heart, and I don’t consider that a crime

Because at the end of the day, you’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

Yeah, at the end of the day, I said you’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

You’ll forever be mine

Uh, yeah. I hope you enjoy that. Once again, I could be emailed through the JPay app or website, just insert Minnesota for state and 210006 for ID number, or you can mail me directly at Izell W. Robinson #210006, 7600 525th Street, Rush City, MN, 55069.

Remember all positively supportive contact is welcome and appreciated. Thank you for listening, and thank you to Prison Radio for this much-needed platform of linking prisoners with their communities in a healthy way to foster needed dialogue and support. God bless.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.