Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark my MA number is 435064. I’m in WHV, The Valley of Death, and when I say – This is terrible. This is sad. I have been speaking out about the ladies who hang theyselves and people who pass in here and die, be neglected. That they can help and save lives, so now they are retaliating against me because it hit the newspaper. We got the paper and everything. So, it’s a lot that’s been going on. They are doing everything they ask me to do. I’m tired. I’m so tired. Like I say, they stopped my ear drops. They made me come over there to do them. They said I wasn’t doing them right. Which I know I’ve been doing it right. I’ve been going over there from the seventh to the eighteenth. The nurse reported, two of the nurses reported, they looked in my ears they’re still puss-y. White-ish whatever the stuff is, uh, face swollen, neck still swollen, the ears still swollen. So they charted and everything. I’m thinking the doctor going to help me go over there every day. He like, “Well I could stop the ear drops.” Looked at my ears. Couldn’t really get in there, but you could feel him going in there. You could feel the stuff breaking up. He like, “Oh, it’s red and like dried and crusty and stuff” in my ears. So I’m thinking that he gonna help me. I’m like sir, you see how it ain’t changing, the swelling and everything. I can barely swallow. He checked my neck. He like, “Oh yeah. Something going on with that.” They trying to cover they self because they know they waited so long for my ears. So they don’t know what to do they self. He gonna tell me it’s excema inside of my ears. In the inside, where you go in the hole, that’s what he said now they use some vaseline? Take me off everything? I don’t, I had never heard nothing like this in my life. First y’all tell me it’s a fungus. Then y’all tell me it’s the bacteria is growing in my ears. And now you’re gonna try to change it somehow, it’s excema, or whatever you call it, inside of my ears and you know it’s not. Then they took my Benadryl they haven’t renewed it. They’ve been telling me everyday they gon’ renew it. So I’m breaking out with the hives real bad on my body. My body is swollen from head to toe. He looked at me, he feels everything, he can see everything, he gonna tell me that I’m improving and everything is getting better? And he know it ain’t. This is to cover their selves. I knew once they took my eardrops they had me coming up here that was excuse so they can say that everything is improved and getting better. I have witness officers I show. Inmates look. They can see, they are witness to see that ain’t nothing improving. I still wear these dark sunglasses because my eyes is running and puffy and infected. I don’t know what to do no more. I really don’t know what to do no more. I’ve been in so much pain with my bones. If I walk so long I still had to stop because I can’t breathe. I’m swollen still from my feet, from my everything is in pain. My hands are turning like a pinkish color. The officer is like “it looks like, like some kind of disease.” He’s saying everything is normal. I just want to update you on every time I report something to ya’ll something was going on this is what happens to me. Every time I mentioned about this mold is affecting me and I need help, they cut me off, they ignore it, they don’t want to hear it. This is wrong. I should have been out to see a specialist for my ears. They know when I go out to see a specialist they gonna test it and they’re gonna see and know what it is. So they’re not sending me. They waited too long. So they’re not doing nothing. My hearing is still lost in my right ear. This is wrong. This is wrong. I had to have people writing letters for me now, because my hands is so swollen and painful. I’m tired, I’ve been, I’ve been following everything they have been telling me to do. This is enough. It’s enough, like, I feel like any given time if I don’t get help, I will not be here. I’m telling y’all the truth like, is this oh my god.

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