Prison Radio
Raymond White

Hope for most of us stretches millions and millions of miles away. We become trapped inside a closed cell of fear and guilt, a bitter solitude. Hope is that thing where you can picture it’s illuminated inside your mind. Then it vanishes like a beautiful eclipse that floats above a sky of twilight and fulfills your greatest dreams. 

But by the nature’s cycle of how everything comes as a pass. When it comes to life, that eclipse and that climax disappears. Whether it’s land, bird, ocean, a big city where beautiful skyscrapers are built by the brilliance of human minds, one can still be exposed to another chapter of grief, a mountain-fall of sadness that takbr together. Remain faithful to your higher power. 

Conduct your prayer so sincere in debt that even our Lord Jesus Christ becomes inspired. Do not ever lose hope and do not allow the shadows of hell to take hold of you. Never let go of faith. 

Without faith hope is unanswered. Remain firm, stand proud and tall. Like a natural fresh herb that sprouts from the root of the green earth. Hope can heal us all. 

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.