Prison Radio
Eddie Treadwell

Hello today. My name is Eddie Treadwell. I’m a prisoner here in Alger Correctional Facility, a Michigan prison. And I would like to talk about today how intelligence rules the world and ignorance bears its burden.

You may not rule the world, but you have to the ability to rule your own world, the world within your circumference. And the reason I say this is because those who have the ability to be able to utilize their knowledge and information effectively to the point where it’s beneficial, then they will be able to have the knowledge and education to be able to navigate their way through the complex mazes of life, whatever they may be.

And this intelligence have to be acquired. We have to be equipped with various different knowledge, not just one independent knowledge, but utilize the knowledge and information that will help you to deal with everyday situations. And you have the ability to think and reflect upon this particular knowledge and utilize it when it’s time to be utilized. What is the value of knowledge? It’s only as good as the benefit it is to you. That’s what makes it valuable. And when you ability to succeed with the information. But if you can’t succeed with the information and present knowledge that you have, then you have to reassess your knowledge and your information if you continuously fail in the course of life.

Ignorance, on the other hand, all the cares and problems in the world tends to weigh heavy on the individual’s shoulders, because he has not the ability to be able to overcome. He has not the knowledge. Ignorance is simply means you just don’t know. You don’t know enough, you haven’t acquired enough in your journey in life to practice the knowledge and information to the point where you can know and be confident that you will succeed with what you possess. The ignorant, these problems tends to weigh heavy up on their shoulders, because they have not the ability to overcome. Every little situation and circumstance in their life will weigh heavy upon them. They don’t know what to do, so we have to learn to acquire that which is necessary, the information and knowledge which is necessary to help us move forward in life and understand the greatness that we actually possess.

Man have unlimited capacity for progress and growth, vision. We have to understand and recognize that, and we have to act according to that confidently. We’ll have to vividly imagine our successes. We have to vividly imagine that we can overcome. We have to vividly imagine the greatness that we possess. He said, “Man, he must contemplate his frame.” You contemplate your frame, then you could see the greatness. You can see the extraordinary formation, shape and form and systems that the body possesses as being a man or a woman.

So the point of this thing is to educate yourself and have the ability- to gain the ability to succeed in life. We all are students in life, but sooner or later, we have to graduate from being a student and become a master of life and understand your value and your relevance on earth. So you have to be relevant to somebody. You can’t be obsolete, you not important, you don’t mean nothing. We have to find our relevance. We got to live our relevance. We must find our connection, that would make life worth living, because life is precious.

Life is actually the greatest thing that you possess. He who neglect this present moment lose all that he have. If you neglect your ability to learn and gain various different knowledge and information to help you navigate your way through the conflict you made as a life, then you will be just merely existing. So he who neglect his present moment lose all that he have because he don’t have tomorrow and he don’t have yesterday. What you do have is right now. So you have to make the best of your every moment. Don’t neglect the right now. And build in yourself and educate yourself and motivate yourself and stimulate yourself to be the best that you can be—and surround yourself with those who have the same ability to express your greatness and recognize you for who you are and not just what you seem to be.

Cause man is nor the body nor the soul. He’s a spirit and the image of his father, God. So this is what gives your life force to keep you moving, but through this journey in life, you must acquire various different knowledge and information and skills to in order to succeed here on this physical plane. And be able to- be able to integrate ourselves into society and receive what they call the American dream or the American pie, whatever you want to call that. You must seek first your heaven in your mind. They say seek first the kingdom of heaven and all will be added unto you. So you let not your mind and your brain want cultivation. You supposed to already be cultivating it. So we always in a process of cultivating our minds and what it needs to be cultivated, because you already doing that, so you’ve got to continuously do that, continuous be the best that you can be.

This message is from Eddie Treadwell at Alger Correctional Facility here in Michigan prison, and if you feel the need to contact me and discuss any issue or matter that I have discussed previously, feel free to contact me on Jpay.

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