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Bambi Nicole King

Hi, you guys, it’s Bambi again. I haven’t been able to update my podcasts lately. About seven months ago, I was transferred from the Wabash Valley Prison to a county jail/federal jail, in Leitchfield, Kentucky. I was indicted on federal charges while being housed in a state prison.

I am looking at some very serious charges. I’m not for sure how long I will be here. But this jail is like, it’s very awful. It is so horrible here. I have gone seven months with no mental health services; they don’t provide mental health services here at this jail. Being transgender, like at this jail, I guess their practice and policy from the US Marshals as well as the jail, is that if you’re transgender you have to be placed in administrative seg, because it’s for safety and security reasons that they say.

It’s like, I have been so depressed, there has been many nights where I’ve gone without eating because I’m so depressed. My energy is just like beyond low and I don’t feel like – I just don’t feel like doing anything too much anymore. I’m not really for sure how long I will be housed here. But it will be a little while longer, and eventually I will return back to the Wabash Valley Prison in Indiana.

This has, like this jail is bad. Once again, it’s horrible. There was an incident that I’ve had and still continue to have incidences where, I’m not able to really prove, but I have strong suspicion that my mail that is being sent out is not being sent out. And I have strong beliefs that the night shift officers or deputies are throwing away my mail. There was an incident where an officer referred to me as an “effing queer,” and the administration at the jail really didn’t do anything about it. And it had to take another incident from this officer towards me, for them to finally fire him and release him and he no longer works here.

It’s horrible. I don’t- I haven’t heard from anybody at all other than my attorneys that I originally had on my case. I was charged with two counts of threatening use of weapon of mass destruction, which carries a maximum penalty of up to life in federal prison. And I was also charged with two counts of threatened, threatening communications, which is, maximum penalty; it can carry up to 10 years a piece. It’s very stressful, very hard. And I’m not really for sure like, how to cope like it’s really hard. I lay in my bed all day in a single-man cell. I don’t have people to talk to. I don’t have a therapist to talk to. They don’t have a medical company here, it’s just ran by the jails, who are these women who apparently have somewhat halfway medical degrees or they’re just medical people that pass out medication.

It’s horrible. I am so stressed. If somebody would like to reach out to me, it doesn’t matter who it is, you can contact me here at this jail at Roger King/Bambi 27774 is my number for the jail. The address here is Grayson County Detention Center, 320 Shaw Station Road, Leitchfield, Kentucky. The zip code is 42754. Once again, if anybody would like to try to reach out to me, I really like feel like just my voice of being in this jail and not being able to do anything with all these problems here in this jail is just horrible. My voice alone is not going to work. I had a friend and he’s still my friend that is currently incarcerated at the Wabash Valley. I give a shout out to a very good friend of mine, he’s known as a part of the Pendleton too, his name is Christopher Naeem Trotter. And thank you, Chris. I appreciate everything you have always done for me as being a friend. And being somebody who can listen even if you didn’t understand anything. Well, thank you. And once again, feel free to please reach out to me. I am just, I’m at the stages of just being really, really, depressed and down and out and I don’t want it to get any worse than what it is. Thank you.

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