Prison Radio
Jamil Pirant

Hi, my name is Jamil, and the title is called “A Woman.”

A woman is respected on how she present herself. Not so much so on what she do or don’t have on, but her mind stay, her awareness, her presence, and her drive to live according to what she believes in. A woman respect is stationed upon the position of her paradigm, and on the status of her thought pattern when she be here.
If her intentions and her thinking is failed, her actions will follow. [inaudible] thought is the cause of it all. Action comes to habits, and habits crystallize into character. So once again, she is respected on how she present herself. And it will be measured in this world, by the respect she’s given.

So, my dear lady, please establish yourself mentally, wherever you land. And your place will last forever in Allah. And if that man don’t notice or like your nails, your hair, your makeup, or your smile, it won’t even matter, because your mind and spirit will be recognized and respected.

My name is Jamil Ibn Jaboo, and this is a “Letter To The Woman.”