Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia: Well, I think spread the word, because, you know, this is not what the commonwealth wants people to know about, that they really engaged in unconstitutional medical practices designed not to cure, and not even to treat, but to work on symptoms instead of disease.

Here, you have something that is very rare in the world of medicine. You know, doctors rarely speak of cures. They speak of treatments. “Here we have a cure,” and the government of Pennsylvania refused to give it to thousands of people for years until they got to the brink of death.

My sister Pam told me something the other day about a Puerto Rican brother down Graterford. They had him wait so long that when they approved him for treatment, he took one pill for one day, and by the next day, he was dead, so that’s, you know, that- to say that’s unconstitutional, again, it’s an understatement.

It’s not medicine, you know, it’s business, and it’s profit, and it’s not caring for the health of the people that you serve.

Speaker: Well, yeah, thanks for calling in, and we’re- we’re here for the next, the next step forward.Mumia: Yeah, let it happen soon, so you take care. Thank you. Bye-bye.